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The RM of Headingley and Winnipeg have a storied shared history. Headingley and the surrounding area was one of the first placed populated by colonial settlers in Manitoba, owing to its prime location along the Assiniboine River. This meant a large number of farmers found the area suitable to create homes for their families. One of the most important historical figures in the area was John Taylor, a Métis farmer, businessman, schoolteacher and father to 22 children. The influence of Mr. Taylor caused Qualico Homes to build a new community in the area named after him, a community which is bringing many new citizens into Headingley, a sort of 21st century settler.

For quite some time, Headingley and Winnipeg were the same city, owing to their proximity. In 1972, Winnipeg and the surrounding areas sought to unite into one larger city in an effort to lower administrative costs and to integrate services in the wide variety of cities that amalgamated. Reaction to the success of the “Unicity” endeavour is mixed, and in 1993 Headingley decided to secede, as it felt its needs were not being met by the urban government. Today, as its own RM, citizens of Headingley enjoy many of the advantages of the urban life, without its inconveniences. The people in Headingley enjoy the open spaces, naturalism and quieter pace of rural life, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, along with lower property taxes. It’s a wonderful place to set up a life; your home and your business can thrive in Headingley.

Reading through all of this, you might wonder: “What does this have to do with appliance repair”? Well, here at Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair, we believe in knowing the places we do business. You live in Headingley because you want all of the advantages that come with the rural lifestyle, with all of the benefits of being near a big city. That’s why we offer same day appliance repair and emergency appliance repair to the citizens of Headingley. Appliances don’t wait for a convenient time to break down; your business might need to refrigerate goods, and your homestead might need its oven for company. No matter what your emergency appliance needs, we’re here to help you, the day you need it.

What kinds of appliances do we repair? Really, all kinds. We’ll repair fridges and freezers, stoves, ovens and ranges, from any era. You have an old 1960s fridge that’s still packed with freon? We’ll fix it right up. What about a futuristic smart fridge that’s giving you problems when you try to connect to the cloud? We’ll get it connected right up for you. Gas or induction stove? No problem for us. We even have installation services, so if you decide your old appliance has got to go, give us a call and we’ll install your new one. This can save you quite a bit of money compared to the installation costs of the big box store or appliance manufacturer you bought it from; after all, they’re in the retail business, we’re in the installation and repair business.

The other reason to choose Mike’s is the sense of community. You know with a place called Mike’s, you can expect a man named Mike to come fix your appliances, and he will. He’ll get to know you, your needs, and exactly what the problem is, and he’ll fix it at a rate that’s right. That’s the promise of community, of connection; that’s the promise of Mike’s.

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