A close up image of a stoves top burner element. The burner had rust around the center

How Do You Fix Rust On Appliances?

  Stainless steel appliances add a clean, modern look to any kitchen, garage, or rec room. But if they’re covered by a layer of rust, they’ll look like they belong in the garbage. Seeing rust in your home can be upsetting, and if the rust isn’t treated, it will only get worse and spread throughout the appliance. But removing rust poses its own challenges—how do you get rid of it without scratching the surface? Is there a safe way to remove rust without causing more damage? Here are a few tips you can use to restore the appearance of your appliance:  

What Causes Rust?

Rust is a result of corrosion; it forms when metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen. This process is sometimes referred to as oxidation. You’ll often see rust on car parts, old plumbing pipes, and (unfortunately) your

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Washing Machine Won’t Drain

  After washing a load of laundry, you expect to open the lid and find semi-dry fabrics. But what if you’re greeted by a soapy soup of soaked clothes and sudsy water? Soggy clothes pose several problems, like:

  • Damaged fabric. No matter how many spin cycles you do, your clothes still come out soaking wet. All that friction can damage delicate fabrics like hand-knitted or silk items. When certain fabrics are left to sit in a drum of water, the moisture may damage them.
  • A funky smell. What’s worse than going to all the trouble of washing your clothes, only to have them smell worse than when you started? It’s a bit frustrating, to say the least. You can’t achieve that laundry-fresh scent if your washing machine isn’t working.
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Should You Clean Your Washing Machine?

  We regularly clean our cars, our ovens, and our fridges—but what about our washing machines? Many people mistakenly believe that these appliances clean themselves each cycle, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Everyone knows that mould and mildew thrive in warm, humid places. These qualities happen to describe the inside of most washing machines. Without a cleaning regime, you could have a mould problem on your hands in no time! Are your clothes really being cleaned if they’re in direct contact with mildew? Here’s why you should clean your washing machine:  

Cleaning Your Washing Machine

If you look it up online, you’ll find any number of homemade concoctions designed to clean machines. But if you take the DIY route, be careful: mould exposure can cause negative health effects, especially for those who have allergies

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winnipeg appliance repair

Winnipeg Appliance Repair Company Awarded A Three Best Rated Certificate 2021

WINNIPEG, Canada - Mike’s Quality Appliance Services, a locally owned and operated company based in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to announce that they have been awarded a much sought-after Three Best Rated certificate for 2021. As a recipient of this award, the company is now authorized to put the Three Best Rated certificate logo on their website. They have also had three best-rated excellence certificates in the last 3 years (2019, 2020, 2021).  To receive a Three Best Rated certificate, the team at www.threebestrated.ca handpick the best businesses using their 50-point inspection. It includes everything from reviews, business reputation, cost, satisfaction, to general excellence. The fact that the award is totally independent and based on a wide range of factors ensures that anyone looking to get their home appliances serviced can book Mike and his team with complete confidence.  “Everyone at

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Best Refrigerator Temperature To Keep Food Fresh

It can be pretty disappointing to plan a gourmet dinner, only to find that your chicken breasts froze on the top shelf of your fridge. Or, they’re so warm that you worry they aren’t safe to eat at all. Suddenly, you’re reaching for your phone and dialing a restaurant for takeout.  But let’s get back to our initial question: what temperature should you set your fridge at? According to the FDA, you should keep the refrigerator at 4°C (or 40°F) or slightly colder. Lower temperatures restrict the growth of bacteria, which prevent you from getting food poisoning. Be sure to check your thermostat every so often to make sure your fridge is at the right temperature. It’s best to err on the side of being too cold rather than too warm.   

The Dangers of Improper Food Storage

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Dryer Vent Warning Signs

  Where would we be without our laundry machines? We rely on them to clean our clothes, bedsheets, and even our face masks. An appliance like this gets a lot of usage in a week. It’s no wonder why, over time, your dryer vent can become plugged up with lint. However, this is more dangerous than it might sound. Have you ever heard the horror stories about what happens when dryer vents get dirty? They aren’t pretty—when lint gets trapped in your dryer vent, it can start a devastating fire. Lint is highly flammable; when the heat of your dryer mixes with a buildup of lint, it’s a recipe for a house fire. If you notice any of the signs below, then it’s time to get your dryer vent cleaned:  

You Notice A Strange Smell

The smell of burning lint is hard

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When To Replace Your Stove & When To Repair It

Most of us use our stoves every day, whether it’s to boil water, cook a stir fry, or bake a casserole. An oven is an essential appliance in any kitchen. But daily wear and tear can damage it over time. As your oven ages, repairs become more frequent. Even though they are costly, leaving the stove broken is not an option—you use it nearly every day!  You don’t want to repair the appliance just to have it break down on you again. A new stove can cost anywhere from several hundred to thousands of dollars; repairs, on the other hand, are often much less expensive. The question is, is it worth it to pay for another repair, or should you just bite the bullet and buy a new stove?  

When To Replace

Most ovens last between 10-15 years. Of course, this number

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Why Clothes Shrink In The Wash & How To Prevent It

  We’ve all been there: you put your brand-new shirt through the laundry cycle and take it out hours later, only to find that it has shrunk two sizes. When you tried it on at the store, it fit like a glove, but now it’s so tight that it’s hard to breathe. What gives? Do you really need to buy clothes that are twice as big to prevent this issue? This inconvenience can be a costly one, but luckily for you, we know how to fix it:  

Use cold water.

It turns out that reducing our use of hot water does more than benefit the environment; it also saves our clothes from shrinking. The heat makes fabrics relax and release tension—even though this sounds like it would make your clothes bigger, it actually shrinks them. Next time you do

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Baking Or Broiling Not Working Correctly

  When you’re hungry, you have little patience for faulty appliances; it’s a state of being known as hangry (hunger anger). There’s no time to assemble an extravagant meal - you need to put something in the oven and eat it ASAP. When you take your meal out twenty minutes later, you find that it’s room temperature. What gives? There’s never a good time for an oven to break down, but it becomes a real problem when your dinner is on the line.   You use your oven to bake or broil different foods, depending on the thickness and cook time required. With baking, food is cooked using hot air; broiling makes use of infrared radiation. Meals that take longer to cook, like cakes and casseroles, need to be baked. A dish that you

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Why Does My Fridge Freeze Food At The Back?

You’re starving, and you open your fridge to assemble the quickest dinner possible. As your stomach growls, you take out the fresh head of lettuce you bought at the store today - only to find that it’s completely frozen! This is a major inconvenience; you have to wait until your food is thawed until you can eat it. On top of that, you may find that it tastes different or has an altered texture. This is because when food freezes, the enzymes that give it colour and taste are inactivated. Why does this occur, and how do you prevent it from happening in the future?   Too much food is blocking air circulation. It’s so satisfying to finish grocery shopping, open your fridge, and see your shelves lined with fresh produce. But if your fridge is too full, then the air

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