Why Is My Whirlpool Oven Not Cooking Evenly?

    Nothing is more disappointing than putting your energy and heart into a recipe, anticipating a delicious outcome, and ending up with a sub-standard result.     Are grandma’s famous cookies coming out black around the edges but raw in the middle?  Or perhaps you’ve carefully seasoned a roast that turned out to be overdone in some places and underdone in others?     The blame does not necessarily lie with the chef.     It could be your oven.   If your Whirlpool oven is repeatedly transforming home-cooked dishes into disasters, it’s time to investigate.  While a visit from an appliance repair technician may be in order, try these simple tips to address uneven cooking before calling in an expert:  

Back to Basics

  It doesn’t take a technical expert to troubleshoot the following checklist.  And yet each item on the list can be a culprit of

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woman cleaning the oven

The Oven Won’t Self-Clean

  If you’re anything like me, the thought of a self-cleaning oven fills your heart with joy. No need to put on rubber gloves? Source steel wool? Or spend the afternoon with your head and shoulders awkwardly lodged under the stove? Sign me up. There’s a good reason why the self-cleaning function (technically known as the pyrolytic function) is standard nowadays on nearly all brand-name ovens. But, when your oven suddenly stops self-cleaning, it can make for a real meltdown (pun intended).  Whether you’re preparing to host a major holiday meal or simply baking cookies on a weekend afternoon, you’ll want to know what to do. If the problem persists, of course, you’ll want to call an appliance repair technician.  But before you get to that point, there are a few simple tricks you can try on your own.  Let’s take a look:

Troubleshooting Before Self-Cleaning

Before you attempt to run the self-clean cycle in your oven, be

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Popular Appliance Brands In Winnipeg

  You want to furnish your home with the best appliances money can buy. This can cut back on the number of repairs you need and extend the lifespan of your units. Not to mention, you can get the best of cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency. The question is, what are the popular appliance brands found in Winnipeg?   Here’s a quick overview of the brands you can expect to find when you start your appliance shopping, whether you’re looking for a kitchen appliance or a washer and dryer: 


Supply your kitchen with one of the most well-known brands in Winnipeg – Frigidaire. You might think that they only carry refrigerators, but you can actually furnish your entire kitchen with items from this brand. They sell ice makers, ovens, dishwashers, and more. Frigidaire sells a nice variety of refrigerators ranging from bar fridges to standard sizes. 


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close up of a new fridge

Pros & Cons Of A Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Luxurious kitchen interior Fridge features - There are so many of them nowadays!  With options for Wi-Fi connection, separate temperature regulation zones, built-in wine coolers, fresh herb compartments, and more, there’s a lot to take into consideration when researching the purchase of a new refrigerator.   One feature that has become pretty standard in Canadian homes is the water dispenser.  Interior, exterior, cold, or cold and hot, roughly half of the fridges sold these days include a water dispenser.  Everyone enjoys a chilled glass of water available at their fingertips.  But are fridge water dispensers really all they’re cracked up to be?  Let’s take a look.  

Three Reasons a Fridge Water Dispenser Is Totally Worth It

  • Convenience - It’s not like getting water from the sink is that much of a hassle, but staying

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electric stove top close up

Induction vs. Electric Cooktops: Which Is Right For You?

  Investing in a new cooktop is a major investment, one that will be around for years to come if properly taken care of. Many homeowners are unsure about what type to buy, and they often weigh the differences between induction and electric cooktops. Which of these appliances is the right fit for you?   

How Heating Differs in Induction vs. Electric Cooktops

While they may appear similar on the surface, you’ll be surprised to learn just how differently these two types of cooktops prepare your food. Understanding the basics of how each one works is essential before diving into which one is the right fit for you. Both are electric, but the systems they use to heat couldn’t be more different.  An induction cooktop utilizes copper coils to form a magnetic current beneath the surface of your cooktop. This allows them to connect with the cookware on top

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Winnipeg Appliance Repair Company Featured In CAA Fall Magazine

WINNIPEG, Canada - Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair, a locally owned and operated company based in Winnipeg, Canada, is delighted to announce that they were recently featured in the fall issue of CAA Magazine. The article featured a range of tips on how consumers could extend the life of their washing machines and dryers and prevent problems such as bad smells or fire hazards from arising.    Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair is committed to the local community, and as a consequence, is focused on helping people extend the life of their machines, whether through preventative measures such as those contained in the article or by offering cost-effective repair options. This article aimed to reach as broad an audience as possible with easy-to-follow tips and advice.    “Appliances are expensive pieces of equipment which we would all struggle to cope without,” said Michael Kuznecov. “It makes sense to do as

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father holding daughter near the open fridge

Family-Friendly Refrigerators

  A refrigerator is one of the hardest-working appliances in your home, something that you simply can’t live without. When it comes to investing in a new appliance, you should keep the needs of your family in mind when determining what features are essential. While you may not think of it at first glance, there are a few features you may want to have in a family-friendly refrigerator.  What should you be shopping for in your new refrigerator? These attributes will make it much easier for you to maintain your kitchen:   

In-Door Water Dispenser

While it may not be ideal if you have very small children, an in-door water dispenser is a useful addition to most family-friendly refrigerators. This allows your children to secure their own drinks without assistance from adults. As long as your children are old enough to use the water dispenser responsibly and to clean

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nice kitchen with brand new appliances

5 Appliances That Break The Most Often

  Your home runs smoothly until something is wrong with one of your major appliances. It happens to every homeowner eventually, particularly if your appliances are getting older. Some of your appliances do work harder than others. As a result, they might be more likely to break down than others. What can you expect to break the most often around your home?    These five appliances are the top reasons Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair might get called out to your home to have a look. Consider whether it might be time for a tune-up or a replacement on some of these household essentials:  


Unfortunately, the refrigerator is one of the most common appliances to need repairs. Why is this appliance so much more problematic than the others? It might be because your fridge is constantly running, trying to keep your food cool or

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fridge is leaking water into the kitchen floor

Reasons Why Your Fridge Might Be Leaking (Updated for 2022)

  Leaks inside the kitchen do not always come from the dishwasher or sink. A faulty fridge may be to blame, even if it does not contain a water dispenser or ice maker. Thankfully, the leak will only be water, as the coolant utilized in fridges is a gas, and not a liquid. Unfortunately, a water puddle inside or underneath the refrigerator means there is an issue which will require attention right away.  

Defrost Drain

Blocked defrost drains are one of the most typical causes of water leaks from a fridge and they are an excellent place to begin to troubleshoot. The tiny drain opening can get easily blocked by ice or food particles, preventing water, which accumulated inside the defrost cycle, from draining to the pan. As sufficient water builds up, it’ll start to leak out of the fridge and onto the floor. Clear your

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brand new fridge

Why Is My Fridge Freezer Leaking Water?

  You head to your refrigerator for a cool drink of water only to find that there is water around the bottom of the appliance. It appears to be coming from the fridge freezer, but what could be causing this mess? Fortunately, many of the issues related to a leaking fridge freezer are relatively easy to resolve with a little know-how.    Here are some of the leading challenges you may be facing if your fridge freezer is leaking water. Evaluate your appliance today to see what could be causing your leak.   

Ice Maker Difficulties

One of the most common reasons a fridge freezer will leak is because of issues with the ice maker. This area of the freezer has many things that could potentially go wrong with it. If you suspect that it could be the culprit of your puddle of water, there are

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