Five Most Common Problems With Laundry Washing Machines

Washing machines have become a modern necessity that most households can’t live without. You might not notice just how useful your washing machine is until it starts acting up.  Like all machines, washers are not immune to faults and they can break down because of either minor or major issues. These are the five most common washing machines issues:  

  • Washing Machine Won't Work
A blocked detergent line, a blocked filter, or a drainage pipe blockage are the most likely reasons why your washer isn't washing your clothes properly. The first step is to check that you’re using the right wash cycle.  If you are using the proper cycle and the washer still doesn’t work, clean your detergent drawer thoroughly then restart the machine. If even after this your machine still doesn’t work, the filter and the drainage may be at fault and you should call a repair

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COVID-19 and Appliances

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to most of us making a lot of changes. We’re doing our part - practising social distancing, washing our hands, using hand sanitizer to an almost excessive degree, and making sure clients know that they can reschedule if they’re feeling unwell.    We’re going to continue to do business, taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our clients, for as long as it’s safe to do so. We’re constantly monitoring updates from Manitoba Health; the situation is changing rapidly. Why are we staying in business during these times? The answer is simple: appliances are essential to combating the spread of COVID-19, and our business is appliance repair in Winnipeg. Worried about transmission or have someone vulnerable or infected in your home? Here are a few appliance-related recommendations:   Sharing a kitchen

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6 Common Oven Problems

  It is one of the most frequently used home appliances and also one that brings families together during dinner times and special occasions. Just think of holidays like Thanksgiving and other festive holidays - all the grilling and baking of mouth-watering delicacies nourish our taste buds. Obviously, the last thing you need in the midst of cooking your favourite dish is an oven that keeps breaking down. Here are the six most common oven problems you shouldn’t ignore:   1. Unstable temperature variations Heating is the key function of your oven. The set temperature should be stable during cooking. If the temperature is inconsistent, you’ll need to recalibrate it according to the manual’s instructions. A faulty thermostat will cause temperature variations. You can use a thermometer to test the precise temperature of the thermostat upon preheating the oven. If none of these suggestions work, your best bet is to

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How To Clean A Smelly Fridge

You open your fridge to grab some food and a gross smell hits your nose. You start rifling through the fridge trying to find the source. Well, there are probably a bunch of reasons why your fridge is emitting a foul smell. The first and most obvious things to look for are leftovers that have gone bad. But rotten food isn’t the only culprit, the fridge itself could be smelly (we will look at this later). The first step in dealing with a smelly fridge is to give it a thorough cleaning. No other intervention will work if you had some spoiled food in the fridge. First, turn off the appliance and remove everything from the shelves. Then, go through the food and get rid of any spoiled food. You can store the rest of the food in a cooler while you clean. Now onto the appliance:

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How To Clean A Smelly Dishwasher

  If your dishwasher smells like rotten eggs or rancid fish, it’s calling out to you for some serious cleaning. Thoroughly cleaning the dishwasher not only gets rid of bad odours but also optimizes performance, prolonging the appliance’s life. Our reputable technicians that do dishwasher repair in Winnipeg will now teach you the right way to clean a smelly dishwasher, so read on! The Filter   The most common cause for the foul smell is the filter – if it’s not clean, nothing else will be. The filter is normally found below the bottom spray arm. Over time, food particles accumulate in the filter or crevices of the machine and begin to emit a bad smell.  Cleaning the filter is simple - first, remove it and rinse it under hot running water. Then, using a soft brush, soap and hot water, scrub the mesh screen

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How To Spot 4 Common Problems With Electric Ovens

  Given their lower cost of installation, ease of use, and even cooking temperatures, electric ovens are popular kitchen appliances. But like any other electric appliance, the electric oven will at some point require repairs and maintenance.  As a rule of thumb with home appliances, the faster you identify a fault, the quicker you can hire a high-quality appliance repair professional and avoid hefty repair costs because often, minor issues can turn severe pretty quickly. These are the four most common electric oven problems:  1.     Oven Not Heating Up If your food is routinely coming out cold or raw, it means the oven is not generating heat. This is a common problem with many possible causes: Could be the thermostat fuse has failed and can therefore not start the oven. Or, the heating elements have burnt out hence they

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Appliance Guide for Landlords

Although landlords aren’t legally required to provide appliances for their tenants, to gain a competitive edge, many do so anyway. Of course for you as a landlord, installing appliances in rental units comes at a cost but a worthy one by making your amenity attractive. Some basic appliances you can provide include a refrigerator, washer, dryer, microwave, and dishwasher.

One thing you need to be prepared for as a landlord is that it’s your duty to provide quality appliance repair services and maintenance for the appliances. Of course, the tenant is also expected to take care of repairs for what they’ve damaged but in the end, when signing in a new tenant, all the appliances must be functional and safe to use. That’s why you need to be picky when buying appliances for your rental unit. Here are some things to consider:

How Long Should It Take For My Dryer To Get My Laundry Dry?

Does your dryer seem to take forever to dry clothes? Assuming that you’re not overloading the washer, an average load should take between 30 and 45 minutes to dry. It could even take less time for lighter fabrics. Items such as towels and areas like the seams and pockets of your jeans may take a bit longer, but anything beyond one hour spells trouble. If your dryer takes too long to dry clothes, you need to talk to professionals who offer the best appliance repair service because there might be a fault with one or several of the dryer parts.

Heating Element

The heating element is the coiled wire in every electric dryer responsible for heating the air drawn in. Every time you turn the dryer on, electricity transmits the charge to the coil and this causes the coil

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Why is My Oven Smoking?

Whether it’s a light haze or dark plumes of smoke emanating from the oven, a smoky oven can be a cause for alarm. But while you should not ignore smoke coming from your oven, not all oven smoke spells danger. For you to tell the difference, you need a walk-through on the various reasons why your oven might be smoking.

First, if you recently purchased the oven, a little smoke should be expected. It could be that some pieces of the packing materials such as tape, plastic, or form remained behind after unpacking. So as the oven interiors heat, the materials burn and cause smoke. The way to deal with this is to let the oven cool then remove any leftover scraps. The other cause of smoke in new ovens is bonding agents curing in the unit. To get rid of recurrent smell and

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Microwave Maintenance

Microwaves are considered part of a modern-day kitchen VIP (Very Important Piece of equipment). Not only have they revolutionized how we warm our food, but also enabled us-the microwave generation-whip up decent meals in a matter of minutes. With all the comfort and efficiency microwaves bring, a faulty one can cause a lot of inconveniences: from warming food slowly, to spending too much time in the kitchen. Needless to say, you will need Winnipeg appliance repair services if yours breaks down. 

Preventive Microwave Maintenance

Although microwaves are not that expensive, it doesn’t mean they should not be well maintained. Besides increasing longevity, the correct use of a microwave can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. For starters, it is important to use microwave-safe containers. These are containers made of glass, ceramic or tough containers that are labelled microwave-safe. Otherwise, you

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