When To Repair Vs. Replace: Making Informed Decisions About Your Fridge

Household appliances are some of the most expensive items you might own besides your home and car. At a certain point, you’ll have to decide whether it’s time to repair or replace your fridge with a new, more energy-efficient one. Before you buy a new refrigerator, you should be aware of whether or not your current appliance has a little more life in it.

Below are some guidelines regarding when you should repair that malfunctioning refrigerator and when you should consider a newer model:

Life Expectancy of Your Refrigerator

Making an informed decision is necessary to save money on your appliances. In certain cases, you may not want to pay for the repair costs of a broken fridge if it’s older than ten years. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Those models with top freezers or side-by-sides are often the first to go. On the other hand, French-door models may last longer and warrant a repair.

Get a More Energy-Efficient Model

Are you ready to look more closely at what your outdated refrigeration technology is actually costing you? Modern appliances are coming out with more energy efficiency every year. If your model is older or outdated, you might want to reallocate that repair cost to something new. It can lower your energy bills each month, offsetting the initial cost with potential energy savings.

Check for Warranty Coverage

Before you pay for a professional appliance repair service, it’s important to consider whether the unit might be covered under warranty. This can make the “repair or replace” conversation even easier: If the manufacturer will foot the bill for the broken part, why not keep your refrigerator a little longer?

Warranties will often cover the repair cost but not a replacement.

Even if your refrigerator is no longer under warranty, a recall may still cover the cost of a broken part. Always do some research before you opt for a complete replacement of an old fridge.

Consider the Issue and Cost

Eventually, you’ll have to perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine if it even makes sense to do a repair based on your appliance’s age. Advanced features, like smart technology, might be expensive to fix, but minor repairs like a thermostat or lighting can be inexpensive to mend.

If it’s cost-effective to repair, let your appliance replacement wait a little longer.

Get a Professional Opinion

Are you on the fence and unsure if there are cost-effective solutions for your appliance? Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair is here to help with our comprehensive fridge repair in Winnipeg. Our technicians can offer expert advice based on your unit’s expected lifespan and maintenance history.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and no hidden costs. Contact us today to get your refrigerator up and running with the least cost out of pocket!