3 Troubleshooting Tips for An Oven Door That Won’t Close

There are various reasons why you might discover that the door to your oven will not close correctly, and troubleshooting a door isn’t too hard; therefore, you ought to have the ability to manage this within a couple of hours. As you’re attempting to decide what’s the cause of the door not closing correctly, you ought to have the ability to identify the different issues, and also know how to fix the oven door without too much of a challenge. If you see a ton of problems, you might have to offer a different option, for instance, completely replacing the fittings and door.

The Latch Is Broken

It’s the most typical cause of the door not properly closing. Its latch is meant to attach to a hole inside the oven itself; however, occasionally the latch may get stuck, and it also may be incorrectly greased. If its latch is sticking, you ought to try to add a dash of oil and try again. Additional reasons for a latch not properly closing involve dirt getting trapped inside the hole on the other side, or a latch itself being cracked and not correctly fitting into a hole. Also, the latch may be fully replaced if you see that you have repeated issues with it.

 Oven Door Does Not Fit

The cooling and warming of the door may cause it to move out of alignment with its frame that it’s supposed to sit on. One instance of this is the issue with its latch, in which it no longer attaches to the hole, yet misses it either down or up. The door may be moved back into position by tightening up the screws around the frame in order for it to sit more securely against its frame.

Depending on whether your oven is being used the oven door may fit or otherwise. It’s perhaps the hardest to figure out the right solution to. Screwing it inside more tightly is one of the possible ways to try to repair the door. This might result in it moving out of alignment as the oven is cold. The best solution to this problem may be merely to completely replace the oven door.

Hinge Does Not Work

One other issue with closing the door may be that the hinge that holds the oven door onto its frame, becomes stiff and hard to move. If the hinge gets rusty, or dirty you might find that the oven door will not completely turn, and it’ll keep the door from properly closing. You also may see that if the hinge is out of alignment it will keep the door from fitting inside the frame. You have the option to tighten up the frame, or you can take the oven door off its hinges, and clean and remove the hinge using a little soap and water. If the hinge becomes rusty, you simply should completely replace it then replace the door.       

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