4 Things That Shouldn’t go in the Dishwasher

Amidst bustling mornings and fast-paced living, the multi-functionality feature in appliances has become a key consideration in consumer purchases. Nowadays, there are options galore on how home appliances can be used for multi-purposes to save time and energy (and there’s completely nothing wrong with this). But, when people start using the dishwasher to clean computer keyboards, car parts, baseball caps, and crocs, the idea of multipurpose loses its meaning. If you care to have your dishwasher serve you longer, these are some things that shouldn’t find their way to a dishwasher.

  1. Car parts or other machinery parts

According to Electrolux dishwasher spokesman, Joseph Spina, gardening tools, machinery parts, and painting tools are some of the items people place in the dishwasher. Grease from the machine parts is likely to clog the system, inhibiting water circulation needed to clean dishes. Furthermore, chances are that the grease will circulate through the system and wind up on your dishes. It goes without saying; attempting to clean machinery parts with your dishwasher will not only shorten the appliances life but also pose health hazards as the grease finds its way into your food.

  1. Knives

Knives experts may not always be in agreement with best maintenance practices, but on the issue of whether to clean a knife in a dishwasher or not, they are 100 percent united. True, some knife labels may indicate ″dishwasher-safe,″ but to preserve your knives sharp blades, just wash them by hand. When put in a dishwasher, knives rub against other cutlery and become dull. Again, in the dishwasher, there is heat and humidity to contend with. The high temperature will undoubtedly damage both the steel and the handle of your knives. Furthermore, your knife may end up scratching other utensils including plates, cups, and even the machine. Enough reasons why you shouldn’t put your knife in the dishwasher, right?

  1. Wood    

Once again, dishwashers get hot—really hot. Wood, water, and heat don’t go well together. Placing wooden items in the dishwasher will cause them to warp and crack. Since wood is more porous than plastic or metal, cracked wooden items are a bacteria timebomb. Your cooking pans with wooden handles, salad bowls, and cutting boards should never find their way into the dishwashing machine.

  1. Cast Iron

Unless you don’t mind your cast iron pan looking like some sort of prehistoric anvil, avoid putting it in the dishwasher. Cleaning your cast-iron pan in the dishwasher will remove the seasoning (the nonstick delicious layer of lard), and cause the skillets to rust. Remember, seasoning is what makes cast iron pans great. A little more care when cleaning them is well-deserved – at least if you want to continue enjoying the scrumptious delicacies cast iron pans make.

While it’s understandable to get weak-kneed for hacks that reduce the number of tools one should have to get a job done, it’s always a bad idea when you ask more of an appliance than it was designed to give. The dishwasher, in this case, was designed to clean dishes, not baseball caps or machinery items, computer keyboards, and other odd items. Using the dishwasher to clean all manner of items will ruin your dishwasher, the item or – both.

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