6 Common Oven Problems


It is one of the most frequently used home appliances and also one that brings families together during dinner times and special occasions. Just think of holidays like Thanksgiving and other festive holidays – all the grilling and baking of mouth-watering delicacies nourish our taste buds. Obviously, the last thing you need in the midst of cooking your favourite dish is an oven that keeps breaking down. Here are the six most common oven problems you shouldn’t ignore:


1. Unstable temperature variations

Heating is the key function of your oven. The set temperature should be stable during cooking. If the temperature is inconsistent, you’ll need to recalibrate it according to the manual’s instructions. A faulty thermostat will cause temperature variations. You can use a thermometer to test the precise temperature of the thermostat upon preheating the oven. If none of these suggestions work, your best bet is to call a repair technician.


2. Oven light not working

If the light in your oven is not working, it could be an issue with the electronic controls, internal wiring of the oven, or a malfunctioning switch. To avoid the risk of electrocution, consult a professional appliance repair technician.


3. Oven door won’t open or close

This is usually a prevalent repair problem that afflicts a lot of ovens. If your oven’s door won’t shut or open, carefully examine the door hinges to ensure their motion is swift and smooth. If their motion is not working properly, then replacements will be necessary. You may also find that door springs create issues in some models. To ensure the replacement is done right, seek the assistance of an oven repair technician.


4. The oven doesn’t self-clean

Modern ovens come equipped with a self-cleaning feature to help you save on time with routine maintenance. Although there could be many causes for the malfunction of this feature, the switch assembly and the door lock motor are usually the most common culprits. If the two are in good shape yet the oven doesn’t self-clean, it’s best if you consult an experienced repair technician to avoid any damage.


5. Food unevenly cooked

A properly functioning oven should cook your meals evenly. If your meals come out unevenly heated or cooked, it could be either a faulty temperature sensor or a malfunctioning heating element. Preheat your oven and check whether or not the heating element is glowing. A heating element that doesn’t glow is an indication of a more severe problem that requires intervention from a professional.


6. Falling oven racks

Your oven rack shouldn’t fall while in use. This might sound strange, but a falling oven rack may be a sign of a bigger issue within your oven. If the rack is not broken, invite a technician for inspection.

Lack of routine maintenance may lead to unforeseen disappointments especially on the big days when you have family occasions and friends visiting.  If you find your oven showing any of the signs mentioned in this article, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us for an appliance repair in Winnipeg. The sooner we can get to it, the faster we can restore your oven’s functionality.