8 Steps to Keep Your Dishwasher Efficient and Odourless!

Washing dishes uses chemicals, energy, water, as well as your precious time; therefore, an effective approach may save a lot of each. There’s still a debate about which is greener, using a dishwasher or washing by hand; however, if you do own a dishwasher or are considering buying one, here’s some more detailed knowledge to keep your dishwasher running green. Here, we list our leading green tips for your dishwasher:

Do a full load

Before you operate the dishwasher, wait until there’s a full wash load (the same rule for the clothes washing machine). It’ll assist in making the most of the water, energy, and detergent a machine uses. Loading a dishwasher effectively helps.

Clean your plate

Buy dishwashing powder and liquid that’s biodegradable, natural, and free from phosphates and petroleum. Dishwashing detergents were the last product to contain phosphates, which were effective at removing grease and stains. But, it can’t be removed from wastewater and was leading to algae blooms as it got into fresh water.

Also, be on the lookout for products that are sold in bulk, so you can save upon packaging. Powdered ones are lighter and will require less energy to ship. If you’re running into spotting issues and utilizing phosphate-free detergents, attempt to use a natural residue eliminator such as Wave Jet.

No need to pre-rinse

The majority of dishwashers these days are sufficient enough to get all of the grime off; therefore, a ton of pre-rinsing by hand is oftentimes simply a waste of time and water.

Turn the temperature down

The majority of modern-day dishwashers feature booster heaters to heat up the water which comes from the water tank of your home. Seems redundant, right? Adjusting the thermostat of your water tank to 120° results in extra energy savings without having to compromise upon cleanliness.

Allow to air dry

Rather than allowing your washer to utilize electric heat or fan to dry your dishes, simply open up the door at the completion of the cycle and allow them to air dry. Leave all of the dishes to dry overnight and they will be prepared for you when you rise. One other choice is moisture absorbing minerals, such as those utilized inside the Siemens Zeolith dishwasher. During the washing cycle, these minerals absorb heat then release it within the drying cycle while also absorbing moisture. They may decrease power intake by 20%.

Choosing the proper size

Select the size unit which matches your needs. Small units are more efficient than larger models unless you must operate them multiple times per day. For one person, it may be just right.

One glassless

Using fewer utensils and dishes over the course of a day means doing fewer loads in the dishwasher, saving detergent, water, and energy.

Keep bigger appliances away from one another

Placing the dishwasher close to the fridge will make the refrigerator have to operate harder because of the heat coming off of the washer.

For more steps to keep your dishwasher efficient and odourless contact the high-quality appliance repair services of Mike’s Quality Services today!