Best Appliances for Small Condos

When kitchen space is at an absolute premium, you often have to make some sacrifices to include all of the elements you desire. Most homeowners would consider all appliances a must-have feature for their space including the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. However, these can sometimes be very cumbersome appliances that won’t fit properly into a small condo kitchen. You may need to search for smaller versions of these items that can fit more comfortably into your space.

Shopping for small appliances can be a difficult task because it is a relatively unexplored market space. If you need to purchase some of these appliances that have a smaller footprint, there are a few things you need to know about how to find the best ones. Use this handy buying guide to help you make the right decisions.


The refrigerator is bound to take up more space than any other appliance in the condo. Decide in advance which features are going to be the most important to you. Will you need lots of storage space and drawers on the interior? Maybe you are hoping for a water dispenser on the door. All of these will be key factors in deciding which model is perfect for you. You can choose from a wide counter-depth refrigerator, an apartment-sized model, or a compact refrigerator that is a little more reminiscent of a dorm room.

Popular models include:


Ovens can be a little trickier to purchase when they need to fit comfortably into a smaller condo. The first thing you need to consider is the stovetop. You can purchase a stovetop with smooth burners if you want to increase the amount of counter space you have available when not cooking. Larger burners may prevent you from making the most use of this valuable space.

You will also need to consider the actual capacity of the oven itself. How many cubic feet does it have? This can determine how many casseroles you can cook all at the same time. Honestly evaluate how much cooking you do or plan to do to decide if the oven will offer enough space for you to manage your meals properly.

Top options include:


Dishwashers can come with an array of features that might pique your interest. Look for models that have multiple cycle options so that you always have the perfect one. The controls may be in plain sight or hidden away on the door somewhere to give you a sleeker appearance. Remember to evaluate how much interior space it has and what sort of organization it allows for. This can help you to maximize its functioning in your kitchen.

Some of the best options for dishwashers include:

Purchasing appliances for small condos can require a great deal of research before you settle on the perfect ones. Once you have them, you are bound to encounter repair work eventually. Be sure to give Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair a call when you need the best appliance repair service in Winnipeg! We can come out to see you the very same day so that your home can get back up and running quickly.