Five Most Common Problems With Laundry Washing Machines

Washing machines have become a modern necessity that most households can’t live without. You might not notice just how useful your washing machine is until it starts acting up.  Like all machines, washers are not immune to faults and they can break down because of either minor or major issues. These are the five most common washing machines issues:


  • Washing Machine Won’t Work

A blocked detergent line, a blocked filter, or a drainage pipe blockage are the most likely reasons why your washer isn’t washing your clothes properly. The first step is to check that you’re using the right wash cycle.  If you are using the proper cycle and the washer still doesn’t work, clean your detergent drawer thoroughly then restart the machine. If even after this your machine still doesn’t work, the filter and the drainage may be at fault and you should call a repair technician.


  • Strange Noises

It’s normal for a washing machine to make some buzzing and humming noises when washing, but if you hear other strange noises, it’s indicative of problems. Front-loaded washing machines have built-in shock absorbers to diminish tub movement inside the machine and damaged or worn-out shock absorbers will cause loud banging noises during the spin cycle. Strange noises before or after the spin cycle may suggest a problem with the drain pipe. If something is either clogging or restricting the pipe, you can expect to hear strange sounds as well. Washers making strange noises are always a call to take action. If you ignore the message, you’ll end up with damaged components that will require replacing.


  • Washers Drum Won’t Spin

This is a common problem that could be the result of a couple of issues. The simplest possibility is that you could be overloading the washer. If you load your machine with more than it’s designed for, it becomes unbalanced and its failure to spin is a reaction to this. The issue could also result from a broken door latch, drive belt issues, or drainage problems. The first call to action is to reduce the amount of load. If this doesn’t help, inspect the parts mentioned above to ensure they are intact. If everything looks good yet the machine still won’t spin, it’s likely a faulty drive pump, and this calls for a professional technician.


  • Drain Issues

When a washing machine doesn’t drain water properly, it will leave your clothes soaking wet inside the drum. This will create excess weight in the drum which may damage the drum components. The first thing to do here is check the drain hose to make sure it’s not bent and there are no obstructions limiting the water from flowing out.  Also, inspect for any blockages in the drain pump. If the pump is blocked with debris, the pressure to push water out is limited and this creates the problems.


  • Washing Machine is Damaging Clothes

Do you frequently find tears, holes and other damage to your clothes after taking them out of the washer? Common causes for this issue are from foreign bodies in the machine or a damaged drum. Overheated water as the result of of a faulty thermostat can also damage delicate fabrics. An inspection will help ascertain the cause.

With this basic knowledge on diagnosing problems, you’ll be able to tell if the issue at hand requires professional washer repair in Winnipeg or just some simple DIY troubleshooting.