Going Smart on Home Appliances

Sasha is leaving the store at around 4 pm., dinner is in the back seat. The afternoon traffic is light – a seven-minute drive back home. She is, however, a bit behind schedule. She is not worried though. Reason being, she has the next best thing. She simply pulls out her smartphone and gives the command. “Hey, Google… preheat my oven to 315 degrees”. And just like that, she is a step ahead of her schedule.


You see, most of her home appliances are integrated into her Google ecosystem. This means that they are fully operable right from her phone. At this time of age, going smart on home appliances like Sasha did is probably the wisest investment one can make.

Today, home appliances manufacturers are increasingly venturing into joint projects with technology companies like Google, Amazon, Samsung and Apple to make smart home appliances. Nowadays, you will easily find smart refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, dryers, washing machines, HVAC systems, and even stoves in the market. One may question the benefits of upgrading to smart home appliances, especially given the high price tags that they come with. There are some benefits to going smart on home appliances.

First, smart home appliances offer you remote access. At just a single command, you get to control almost every piece of appliance right from your smartphone; this offers you increased convenience and efficiency. A smart refrigerator can keep track of its contents. Say you’re running out of milk or eggs, a smart refrigerator will send a notification to your phone.  A smart laundry machine, on the other hand, allows you to control and view what cycle your laundry is on at any one time. The oven can be turned on, off and regulated remotely. It can even send you real-time notifications of how much longer the food will stay in the oven to fully cook.

Secondly, smart home appliances are easier to manage. It is not uncommon for home appliances to break down. The problem with conventional appliances is that you only get to notice the malfunction when the problem has advanced. Smart appliances are designed to alert you when something is not functioning as it should. A simple notification sent to your phone gives you the advantage of getting ahead of the problem. Some will even suggest making a maintenance appointment, granting you outstanding appliance repair services in real time. Remember, a problem handled in its early stages tends to be cheaper.

Smart home appliances save you money. Of course, upgrading an appliance to a smart one poses a high initial cost. However, the long-term feasibility of the appliance helps you manage its running costs through monitoring the energy consumption. Smart home appliances also allow a wholesome experience in the way you interact with all appliances in the home. They are integrated into your ecosystem of choice through your home Wi-Fi network. That means that if you have an Android phone, you can control them using the Google Assistant under the Google ecosystem. iPhone users, however, can stick to the Apple ecosystem and use Siri to control all their appliances. Those that prefer the Echo assistant by Amazon can do the same across their entire home. See how convenient that is?

The world is advancing for the better. Invest in smart appliances and enjoy the convenience, safety, and efficiency managing your appliances the smart way!