Gourmet Kitchens and Their Must-have Features

If cooking ignites your passion, you probably know how an inadequate kitchen can thwart your culinary efforts. Gourmet kitchens, characterized by a spacious kitchen area, a high-powered exhaust hood, professional multi-burner stove, and generous countertops, are popular among professional chefs. A gourmet kitchen goes beyond beauty; every appliance and material choice is professional and ideal for its task in food preparation. This article introduces you to the world of professional chefs. And guess what? you can always implement some of these ideas to spark your kitchen!

Gourmet Kitchen Countertops

In gourmet kitchens, there’s a lot of dicing, slicing, spilling and staining that goes on, and the countertops must withstand this heavy use. Some durable materials for countertops include stainless steel, stained concrete, natural store, and for the environmentally minded-recycled glass. Each of these countertops has its drawbacks and for this reason, gourmet kitchens have more than one countertop. For instance, the kitchen may have one section of marble for pastry prep and stainless-steel section for chopping meat chunks. To accommodate different countertops, an expanse kitchen space is one other feature of gourmet kitchens.

State-of-the-Art Appliances

In addition to a variety of countertops, a gourmet kitchen should have a complete set of state-of-art appliances. Here, we are talking about energy efficient appliances that may include double ovens, smart-technology refrigerators, modern microwave ovens among others. For increased efficiency, appliances in a gourmet kitchen should be thoughtfully situated. Still on appliances, gourmet chefs don’t wait till appliances break down to get outstanding appliance repair. These professionals know only too well how an oven that is not holding up well can mess a great meal. Remember, appliances in gourmet kitchens have to endure a buzz of activity, so every once in a while, they must get some regular maintenance.

Efficient Storage

Clutter interrupts the chef’s ability to move and think which inhibits the creative juices from flowing. Yet, great cooking may mean a whole lot of groceries, ingredients, and tools, all of which should be easy to access without causing clutter. Plenty of efficient storage space allows the chef to have everything they need at reach in a clutter-free way. Rails on the walls, wall stands, shelf risers in the cabinets all help maximize on space while minimizing clutter.

Appropriate Task Lighting

The gourmet cook has to read recipes, apply caution when measuring ingredients, chop up veggies and find things in the cabinets. All of these tasks demand adequate lighting to enhance visibility. Great lighting is also critical for safety purposes; a poorly-lit kitchen is a hazardous place to be. So, whether it’s recessed lights, cabinets lights, pendant lights or surface mounted lights, a gourmet kitchen requires adequate lighting. Of importance is for the lighting’s tonality to coalesce harmoniously.

As they always say:  the heart of every loving home is a warm kitchen. Food nurtures the mind, body, and soul and it’s no wonder kitchen evoke a mysterious magnetic attraction. Gourmet kitchens particularly have an unrivaled reputation of making family members congregate in the kitchen. A finally note: you can always personalize your kitchen but the above-mentioned features are what make gourmet kitchens.