Home Appliances We can’t live without

A typical day in a modern-day person is not without the help of appliances. Think about this; it’s chilly in the morning, you wake up and the first thing you do is turn your heater on, you then go to the fridge and grab some milk, then head for the kitchen stove to warm it. Breakfast is over, you now want to take a hot shower, you click the water heater on…done with the shower and your clothes are all clean and fresh from the laundry machine. Imagine a day without these appliances! Despite the uncertainties and challenges of modern day living, appliances undoubtedly add some small delights in our lives with their conveniences. Which is why, when your appliance breaks down, and at one time or another it will, you must get the best appliance repair service from Mike’s Quality Services.

The birth of home appliances was the result of concepts, network of overlapping ideas, lucky accidents, coincidences, and inventions.  And although we may not always know who to thank for our appliances, our lives would be a catch-22 without them. Here are 3 home appliances you’d rather not live without.


The concept of refrigeration can be accredited to Carl Von Linden, who came up with a process that changed gas into a liquid. While this name may not be familiar to many, imagine how your life would be without that big cold box. You wouldn’t shop for a week’s grocery, you wouldn’t have ice for your drink, and the many staples you enjoy every day such as cheese, meat, milk, and eggs would have to be purchased in small quantities. Some products that depend on refrigeration would be non-existent.

Washing Machine

If you were on planet earth a thousand years ago, you’d be pounding your clothes on a stone to get rid of stains, like the Romans did. People in these ancient times used special stone troughs and animals’ fat as soap to wash clothes. The stone troughs were later replaced with wooden boards but needless to say, the process was still as tiring as it was slow. Fast forward to today, and all you need to do is sort your clothes, add some detergent, load the washer, and wait for the magic! Today, you don’t have to spend two hours scrubbing your clothes and worrying about ruining that that freshly done French manicure.

Air Conditioner

Try going without your AC in the middle of the summer heat wave and be ready to stomach the veil glares from people around. And you can’t blame them, life without the AC in hot weather is a guarantee for a sweaty and smelly life.  Every time you turn your AC on, thank Carrier who in 1902, built an AC to cool a printing plant. The air conditioner was first invented for commercial application and it’s only in 1928, that the first home air conditioner released. Global warming is causing temperatures to rise to levels never seen by humans before. Therefore, the AC will not only be a needed home appliance but a critical one to have for survival.

The list of home appliances you can’t live without goes one and on… From microwaves to cookers, you name it. Let’s thank technology and innovation together and take care of these innovations that make our everyday lives much easier.