How to defrost a freezer

A freezer is a necessary appliance and likely one of the most helpful. It’ll keep food fresh and may safely store food for future usage. Wall frost inside the freezer decreases its efficiency and boosts your utility bill. Most newer units have a self-defrosting feature; however, what if you are not lucky enough to have the feature?

Here are four different methods of rapidly defrost the freezer.

Wait for the Ice to Melt

The obvious technique — Unplug the appliance, open its door and wait for ice to melt.

This method of defrosting is the easiest, yet additionally takes the longest, particularly if you reside in a cooler region. It also is the safest way to defrost the freezer. Just open the door, go away and pack a little patience. As the ice starts melting, you might want to mop the excess water up with a towel or a sponge. You also might consider placing older towels on the ground that absorbs water running out of the freezer.

Use Blow Dryer

It’s safe to use a hair dryer to defrost your freezer so long as you use safety precautions. Be certain you stay clear of all standing water, keep the cord and dryer away from all ice or water and concentrate on one area at a time to make sure that the dryer doesn’t overheat.

Use Fan

 A fan may assist in circulating hot air into the freezer. But, this technique works better as the air in your house is hot enough to make a difference. This will work well for anyone with a deep freezer inside the garage.

Just set a fan up outside of your freezer with the door open. The airflow assists the ice in melting quicker. You’ll still require a bit of time for it to work, depending upon the ice’s thickness. However, it’s possible to speed the process up without putting in too much work.

Set Pans or Bowls of Warm Water on Shelves

A traditional way to speed the process of defrosting the freezer up is to place pans of boiling water upon the shelves and shut the door. Because these appliances are well-sealed, steam from the warm water assists in loosening the ice so it melts off the walls. You then can extract it by hand with a plastic scraper after around 30 minutes.

But, the heat from the pans and pots might damage your shelves; therefore, if you use this method to defrost the freezer, we would suggest placing a thickly folded towel underneath the heated containers. Be certain that there’s sufficient room to place the pan inside the freezer.

Remember that you’ll need to replace the boiling water pan every ten minutes, depending upon the quantity of ice that’s built up on the inside. As you replace the water, take the melted ice out using a sponge.

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