How to Improve the Lifespan of Your Dryer

While there’s a lot of debate as to whether electric or gas dryers last longer, there are a few things you may do to prolong the lifespan of both kinds of units. Like washing machines, dryers are appliances which greatly can improve the convenience of one’s life. Having the ability to dry your clothing whenever you wish is a lot easier than hanging them out on the line or visiting the laundromat.

Below are five maintenance ideas to use so you can improve your dryer’s performance; therefore, it is possible to continue to appreciate its advantages for years to come.

Don’t Overload your Dryer

Overloading your dryer actually can cause it to break down. Your clothing requires hot air circulation and as the appliance is stuffed, air can’t circulate as much as it should to dry your clothing. Rather than decreasing drying times, overfilling your dryer will boost them.

Use a Liquid Fabric Softener

Even though not necessary, using fabric softener may assist in removing lint from the clothes. The less lint that’s on your garments, the less lint you’ll have to be concerned with the following time you dry and wash your articles of clothing.

Clean your Lint Filter

Lint may be lethal for a dryer, that’s why there are filters. Filters catch a good amount of lint during the process of drying; however, they don’t catch it all. A lot of the lint which comes off your garments may be discovered in other areas of the dryer, like on the inside of the vent system and the hose.

Clean the Dryer’s Exterior

If you have a gas dryer, you ought to turn the gas supply off before you begin to clean the outside of the dryer. Gas dryers will require a light touch, particularly around the gas supply lines and hose. If you have an electric dryer, it’d be smart to unplug it.

Always ensure that there’s an adequate amount of space between the walls and the dryer. It’ll make it simpler to clean and extract any debris and lint which accumulates around the dryer. Keep in mind, the dryer requires enough space for correct ventilation. While you’re cleaning around your dryer, ensure that there’s plenty of space between the dryer and the walls that surround it.

Clean the Interior of your Dryer

Unplug your dryer so it is possible to inspect its interior. Wipe the dryer’s interior down each month. Utilize a mild cleaner or mix of water and vinegar to extract any stains and dirt. In addition, you may utilize an alcohol wipe to extract residue and grease from the dryer’s inside.

If you’re experiencing problems with the dryer taking too long to dry your garments, look at the exhaust hose to check if that’s causing your problem. Routine cleanings will keep drying periods down to a minimum and make sure that your clothing does not get damaged.

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