How to Improve the Lifespan on Your Dishwasher

On average, most homeowners expect their dishwasher to last approximately ten years before it needs to be replaced. This can be a long time for an appliance that gets used so heavily. It takes responsibility for those dirty dishes with the crusted-on food particles and makes them shine. We should really be grateful to our dishwashers for how convenient they make our lives on a daily basis. Perhaps this is why some homeowners are beginning to take proactive measures to lengthen the life expectancy of their dishwasher.  

If you want to help your dishwasher live the longest life possible, here are a few creative ways to help it run better.

Wait until the load is completely full

You can save some of the wear and tear on your dishwasher by running full loads only. This means making sure that all of the dirty cups make it into the washer before you start loading it up with soap. Running a full load allows you to utilize the most space in the dishwasher and make good use of its energy, water, and soap. Partial loads will cause you to run the unit more frequently, resulting in greater wear and tear over the years.

Run the dishwasher regularly

Running the dishwasher on a regular basis helps to keep things running smoothly. It tends to prevent the debris and food particles from piling up around the drain, causing a block. Experts typically recommend running the dishwasher once per day if you have enough dishes for a full load. Even every other day would be ideal to help keep your unit in great working order. It’s better to spread out all of the work instead of running the dishwasher three times in one day each week.

Clean your dishwasher on a regular basis

It’s important to make sure that your dishwasher gets plenty of love and attention all by itself. Make sure to clean out around the drain in between loads if you notice a lot of debris building up. You need to run it on clean mode at least a couple times each month to help keep the metal and the seals in great working order. If your dishwasher doesn’t have a clean mode, you can purchase store-bought dishwasher cleaners to help get rid of germs, bacteria, and possibly even blocked drains.

Follow manufacturer’s directions

A lot of common dishwasher problems would be solved if more people referred to their manufacturer’s instructions. For example, you shouldn’t wash items that weren’t made for the dishwasher. You should always remove large food particles, particularly when it comes to bones. These instructions also detail how to run a cycle and how to fill up your dishwasher to get the most use out of it.

Taking care of your dishwasher is important if you want it to last you for the years ahead. However, you may still need the best dishwasher repair even when you follow these suggestions. When this happens, be sure to give Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair a call for same-day service!