How To Maintain Your Refrigerator


You probably open your refrigerator dozens of times each day to get a cool drink or a snack. Chances are that you don’t think twice about how hard your appliance works for you day in and day out. The truth is that it needs a bit of maintenance if you want it to stay in tip-top shape. How should you be caring for your fridge right now to ensure it lasts for years to come? 


To learn more about how to keep your appliance running smoothly, this guide can help! 


Keep Your Fridge Full

One trick to help your refrigerator run more efficiently is to keep it as full as possible. This helps it to maintain its thermal mass (the cool internal temperature) that you are used to. When you find that you’re running out of groceries toward the end of the week, fear not. You can keep your refrigerator full of anything to help maintain those temperatures. Fill a few containers with water and store them inside until you can make it to the store. 


Clean the Gaskets

How tight is the seal on your refrigerator? Many people don’t think about the importance of their gaskets until something goes wrong. However, this important aspect of your fridge should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to keep your appliance in working order. 


Use a vacuum to clean out crumbs and debris. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush, scrub the gasket gently with warm soapy water. Be sure to pay attention to cracks or warping. If you find any, then it is time to replace your gaskets for the health of your fridge. 


Clean the Coils

When was the last time you pulled your refrigerator out from the wall to clean behind it? You need to clean those coils that are usually found on the back of the appliance a couple of times each year. Be aware that some models have their coils hidden by a grate that will need to be removed. You can clean them with the vacuum or a special coil brush. Sweep up behind the refrigerator before sliding it back in place to keep your hard work from becoming undone. 


Replace the Water Filter

Many models now have the option to get cold water directly from the refrigerator door. If this describes your unit, then you need to be sure to regularly replace that filter. Each fridge will be a bit different when it comes to how often water filters need to be replaced, but most need new filters at least once or twice a year. Be sure to consult your manual for more details on how often they recommend replacing the filters. 


Maintaining Your Refrigerator

Keeping up with the routine maintenance of your refrigerator can help prevent it from breaking down unexpectedly. However, sometimes repairs do pop up when you least expect them. When disaster strikes, be sure to contact Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair for fridge repair in Winnipeg!