How To Prepare For Your Washer & Dryer Installation


You’ve had enough of your outdated washer and dryer, and decided it’s time for an upgrade. The investment that you’re making is a smart one: new laundry machines are more energy-efficient, which will save you money on utility bills. A new machine means you’ll avoid costly repairs. After you’ve made your purchase, all that’s left to do is set up the washer and dryer.  But before the installation crew arrives, take these precautionary steps to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible:


Measure the space. It’d be impossible to count how many times an installation crew has arrived with new appliances, only to discover that they don’t fit through the front door. Not all washing machines are built the same way – even if you are buying the same brand as your previous systems, the new models may not fit. That’s why it’s important to take precise measurements in the room you’re planning to put your appliances in. This includes the entryways of your home. If your laundry room is on the second floor, measure the stairway, and be sure to notify the people who install it that stairs are involved. Another factor is which direction your washer and dryer door will swing – will it hit the wall repeatedly and cause damage? You can let the installation crew know if this is the case, and they may be able to reverse the direction. 


Level the floor. Ever heard the noise from a washing machine that isn’t level? It’s loud, can shake your whole house, and even cause damage to your surrounding cabinets. Using a level tool, see if your floor can support your new appliances. If it’s slanted, you may need to correct it before installation to prevent injury to your brand new appliance. 


Check the connections. Before your new washer and dryer arrive, check the vent, electrical, and plumbing locations. Look at the measurements of your new machines to make sure they can reach all necessary outlets. Whether you’re planning to place them side-by-side or stacked, factor in the length of the hoses and distance to the hook-ups. A room with easy access to electrical wiring and plumbing will help with installation. If you’re purchasing a ventless dryer, that’s one less concern for you to worry about – if not, check the dimensions of your vent. Ensure that your water and gas shut-off valves are functioning correctly in case of an emergency. 


Clear the area so installation is easy. When there are obstacles in the way and furniture that could be damaged, bringing new appliances into your home can be challenging. To make the process as seamless as possible, make the path from your doorway to your laundry room completely clear. Set aside delicate furniture so that it isn’t damaged during the installation. 


Once you’ve taken care of all these tasks, your home is ready for a new washer and dryer! All that’s left to do is contact a qualified technician to install it for you. Your investment will be compromised by a poor installation. Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair offers appliance installation in Winnipeg. Contact us today and we’ll expertly set up your new laundry room for you.