Induction vs. Electric Cooktops: Which Is Right For You?


Investing in a new cooktop is a major investment, one that will be around for years to come if properly taken care of. Many homeowners are unsure about what type to buy, and they often weigh the differences between induction and electric cooktops. Which of these appliances is the right fit for you? 


How Heating Differs in Induction vs. Electric Cooktops

While they may appear similar on the surface, you’ll be surprised to learn just how differently these two types of cooktops prepare your food. Understanding the basics of how each one works is essential before diving into which one is the right fit for you. Both are electric, but the systems they use to heat couldn’t be more different. 

An induction cooktop utilizes copper coils to form a magnetic current beneath the surface of your cooktop. This allows them to connect with the cookware on top of the burner. Instead of heating the surface of the stovetop, it actually heats the pot or pan directly. This makes for a very uniform heating process. 

On the other hand, an electric cooktop uses a metal coil beneath a ceramic or glass cooktop. When you turn the dial to set your electric cooktop, it heats the entire surface of the burner instead of just the connection between the cookware and the burner. The coils will grow hotter and provide even heat across the whole burner while you cook. 

While the induction cooktop heats the cookware directly, an electric cooktop heats the burner and transfers that heat to the cookware. 


Induction Cooktop Benefits

There are several benefits to choosing an induction cooktop over an electric one, but they can depend on your overall lifestyle. First, they require less energy to heat your cookware, even when compared to gas cooktops. Most of the heat they produce is delivered directly to the pot or pan on the cooktop. Faster cooking is also possible with induction cooktops. 

If you have small children in the home, then you may want to consider going with an induction cooktop. The surface itself doesn’t actually heat up while warming your cookware. You can place your hand directly on the burner and not feel the burn. 


Electric Cooktop Benefits

Electric cooktops can be a great addition to the home, particularly if you are trying to save some money. They are simple to use, most appliance repair companies are well-versed in how to handle issues that arise, and they are generally reliable. 

As a bonus, electric cooktops are also very user-friendly, and most people are already familiar with how they work. Installation is a breeze for an experienced professional, meaning that you can get up and running with a new electric cooktop in no time at all. 


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