Is a Built In Refrigerator For You?

Are you building, or perhaps renovating your kitchen and just wondering whether to install a built-in refrigerator or purchase a freestanding unit? Built-in refrigerators are popular among homeowners who love a sophisticated look in their high-end kitchens. These units are generally taller compared to freestanding units but just like the free-standing units, they also come in different sizes. If you have Champagne tastes and like the finer things in life, a built-in fridge in your over-the-top options- so long as you’re willing to incur the extra cost of course. Built-in refrigerators offer a sleek and uniform kitchen design but they are not ideal for everyone. Here is more on built-in refrigerators. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be in a position to know if a built-in fridge is for you.

Built to last

If longevity tops your priority list, a built-in refrigerator makes a great choice. Apart from their appealing visual appearance, built-in fridges are built to withstand the repeated opening and closing of doors, compartments, and drawers. They make a great option for big families that have extensive everyday needs. Most built-in refrigerators will typically last twice as long as the freestanding fridges, thanks to upgraded materials and components used to manufacture them. Of course, for the unit to last this long, it needs regular fridge repair service and maintenance.

Do you have enough wall space?

Built-in fridges are normally wider than freestanding units. While most freestanding fridges max out around 36 inches wide, built-in units can go up to 48 inches. Additionally, built-in fridges have an average height of 84” making them significantly taller than freestanding fridges. You need ample kitchen space.


Typically, built-in refrigerators are not mobile. While moving a freestanding fridge simply requires unplugging, emptying, titling and pushing, you need a professional to install and remove a built-in fridge. So, if you’re a tenant and move a lot, a built-in refrigerator may be an ill-option for you. You should opt for a built-in refrigerator when the house is yours or even if you’re a tenant, you plan to be there for at least 10 years plus. It only makes sense this way.

If visual appearance is among the things you care about

If hulking kitchen appliances aren’t exactly your favorite things to look at, a built-in fridge will save you the agony. An integrated refrigerator will sit flush with your cabinets so perfectly for a seamless look. To camouflage the fridge, you can match the cabinets finish by installing a matching panel on the appliance. This way, one won’t be able to tell between your cabinets and the fridge. How cool is that! Beyond aesthetics, built-in refrigerators come with more luxurious features such as a touch pad computer system and a wine cabinet compartment.

Like all other appliances, built-in fridges are not a perfect solution, they do have their cons. One of their major cons is that compared to the free-standing units, built-in fridges are shallow in depth and this is so they can sit flush with your cabinets. So sadly, you may lose some depth when you settle for a built-in fridge. Other than this, if everything else up there describes your preferences, you should definitely consider opting for a built-in refrigerator.