Please silence my loud refrigerator

Arguably the hardest running appliance in the house, the fridge is something you cannot live without. If your refrigerator is loud, do not give up – Mike’s Quality Services can help. We have out together a list of the most common parts that cause a noisy refrigerator.

Condenser Fan Motor

The majority of modern-day frost-free fridge’s will feature a fan cooled coil. Normally, this is situated in close proximity to the compressor at the lower part of the fridge. The air is circulated using the condenser fan. The air circulates throughout the condenser coil to extract heat and circulating air over the drain pan. This helps in evaporating the defrost water. If the refrigerator is making a noisy sound, its condenser fan motor might be the problem. The condenser fan motor operates in simultaneous motion as the compressor and the evaporator motor. Besides the loud noise, your refrigerator may not be remaining as cold as usual and/or might be regularly turning on and off.

In order to inspect the fan, you have to first disconnect the power then take off the rear access panel. Search for debris or any obstruction which may be keeping the fan from freely moving. This space must be kept free of any obstructions so that air is able to freely move and ought to be vacuumed on a consistent basis. If the fan motor is visibly worn or is seized, or if the blade of the fan is damaged they’ll have to be replaced. In addition, look at the rubber mounting grommets for indications of wear.

 Evaporator Fan Motor

This is found inside the freezer compartment and has the job of pulling air over the evaporator coils as the compressor is in operation. If the fridge is making a noisy sound which appears to be deriving from the area of the freezer, a faulty evaporator fan motor might be the problem. You also may see that the fridge isn’t remaining as cool as it should, or your ice is taking too long to freeze. To assess the evaporator motor and fan, you’ll have to unplug the fridge and remove the fan cover. If there’s frost or ice causing the sound, you’ll have to search for a defrost issue as the main culprit. If the blade of the fan has become damaged or loose, or if the motor shaft doesn’t freely turn, they’ll must be replaced. You temporarily can reconnect the power to assist in isolating the sound, yet caution must be utilized around live circuits and only should be done by a professional.

Evaporator Fan Motor Grommet

This is utilized to isolate the motor from the mounting bracket, as well as decrease the sound of vibrations. Consistent wear and tear may cause the grommets to become detached or wear out, which may boost vibration and lead to excess noise. You’ll have to find the evaporator fan to verify if the grommet is the problem.

For more information on silencing your loud refrigerator contact the outstanding appliance repair services of Mike’s Quality Services today!