Popular Appliance Brands In Winnipeg


You want to furnish your home with the best appliances money can buy. This can cut back on the number of repairs you need and extend the lifespan of your units. Not to mention, you can get the best of cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency. The question is, what are the popular appliance brands found in Winnipeg?


Here’s a quick overview of the brands you can expect to find when you start your appliance shopping, whether you’re looking for a kitchen appliance or a washer and dryer: 


Supply your kitchen with one of the most well-known brands in Winnipeg – Frigidaire. You might think that they only carry refrigerators, but you can actually furnish your entire kitchen with items from this brand. They sell ice makers, ovens, dishwashers, and more. Frigidaire sells a nice variety of refrigerators ranging from bar fridges to standard sizes. 


Whirlpool has been an established player in the appliance industry for every area of the home. You can get a collection of matching appliances for the kitchen or a beautiful washer and dryer set for the laundry room. 


Maytag is often recognized for its top-of-the-line washers and dryers, but they sell so much more than that. While the laundry room is often home to these appliances, Maytag also carries select kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, convection ovens, standard ovens, dishwashers, and more. Don’t limit this brand based on its advertising for washers and dryers only; they sell high-quality appliances in every category. 


If you’re searching for a high-tech appliance, Samsung may be the right fit for you. One of their most notable features is their smart refrigerators which feature a touchscreen on the outside of the door. They sell a variety of appliances ranging from refrigerators to washers and dryers. Some homeowners prefer to stay consistent with the brands they purchase for their homes, and Samsung allows you to do this easily. 


Similar to Samsung, LG appliances run the gamut from refrigerators to dishwashers to washers and dryers. You can simplify your appliance shopping by selecting all LG appliances for every room in the home. They are moderately priced with an emphasis on efficiency across their range of products. 


If you don’t mind spending a little more on your appliances to get the best of the best, then you may want to consider Bosch. This is one of the leading appliance brands in Winnipeg, and they sell everything from high-tech convection ovens to top-notch French door refrigerators with four doors. Beyond just their extensive selection of kitchen appliances, they also carry washers and dryers so that you can furnish your entire home with Bosch appliances. 

Quality Repair Services

Keep in mind that you may need repair services, regardless of which appliance brand you decide to go with. Over time, something is bound to go wrong with your unit, and you’ll need the experts to help you. For your Winnipeg appliance repair services, be sure to give Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair a call today!