Preventive maintenance for kitchen appliances

Major appliances like dryers, washers, refrigerators, and dishwashers are expensive to repair and even pricier to replace. However, it’s possible to stave off these repairs and keep appliances operating longer by doing a couple of simple maintenance tips. You will not require a bunch of mechanical experience to keep the appliances in top condition—just a little common sense and a bit of elbow grease.


The ideal method of maintaining your fridge is to just keep it clean, both inside and out.

Regularly clean behind and under the refrigerator. It is vital to take out and clean the base grill of the fridge frequently to improve flow of air to the refrigerator’s components. The coils behind or at the bottom of the refrigerator needs routine cleaning in order for the coils to efficiently cool the model.

Wash all door seals. If the seals inside the refrigerator’s door are sticky, it is time to clean them. Soapy, warm water and soft cloth should do the trick. Putting on a thin layer of petroleum jelly to its seals are going to make them last longer.

Do not forget your ice dispenser. If the fridge has a built-in water/ice dispenser, you will have to also clean that. The drip tray ought to be taken out and cleaned at least every 2 – 3 months. It is also recommended to cleaning your ice bucket assembly one time per month, so the ice does not pick up fridge odors.


The responsibility of your dishwasher is to clean, as well as dispose of the food particles you leave on the dishes. Keeping the dishwasher clean is just part of your strategy of action to keep it working at its best.

Repair the filter. Many new dishwashers utilize a filter system which traps food within the wash cycle. Dishwashers which use a filter system are more energy efficient and quieter than older appliances which utilize a chopper system. Regularly look at and clean the filter to prevent buildup of pits, food, seeds and all other things which may become trapped there.

Rinse mineral deposits out. Hard water is rough on appliances as mineral deposits may build up inside the water holes inside the spray arm of the dishwasher. It’s possible to clean the water jets inside the spray arm out using a toothpick. In addition, the water inlet valve may start clogging, meaning the dishwasher will not get the right amount of warm water. You will have to replace a water inlet valve that is clogged. For general cleaning, a dishwasher cleaner like Affresh is recommended to assist in removing hard water deposits.


Top-loading washing machines require very little maintenance, yet front-loading washing machines require more care.

Do not overload it. Overloading your washing machine may wear out and break a few of the appliance’s components more rapidly than with normal use. Follow the manufacturer’s suggested maximum capacity so the washing machine will last longer. It also goes for dryers.

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