Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Ice Tastes Funny Or Smells Bad


Is there anything worse than taking a drink of a crisp and cold cup of water just to realize that it has a bad taste or odour to it? Your refrigerator ice can sometimes accumulate a funny taste or smell which can ruin your enjoyment of a cup of water or another beverage. Many homeowners have this problem, and they need to understand where it comes from to know how to remedy it. 


Here are a few reasons why your refrigerator ice might not be enjoyable: 

Open Food in the Fridge


When your ice has a funny taste, it might be because of what you had for dinner yesterday—if you’re not careful about how your food is stored. An open container of food will quickly contaminate the circulating air in the fridge and freezer. The ice will absorb the smell of the open food and may even start to absorb the taste. The stronger the smell of the food, the more likely it will be transferred to your ice. 


This is relatively easy to solve. After you toss the ice that smells bad or tastes off, simply make sure that all of the food in the fridge and freezer is in sealed containers. 



In a similar way, food that’s been spilled inside the refrigerator is no different from an open food container. The smell of the spill will quickly affect the ice in your freezer, so be sure to tackle spills as soon as you notice them. Scrub them with warm soap and water, wipe them down with a splash of vinegar, and you’ll be good to go. 

Food Spoilage


Even if your food is in an airtight container, it may not mean much if the food within it is spoiled. The gasses from spoiled food are quick to escape the confines of their containers and will soon permeate the entire refrigerator. Because the ice maker will be exposed to this in the circulating air, you’ll be unpleasantly surprised by the overall taste of your ice. 

Unclean Water Supply


Last but not least, the taste or smell of your ice might stem from an unclean water source. If the lines that feed into your ice maker are impacted by algae or rust, your ice might start to take on a different kind of smell. For example, it might smell or taste more like chemicals than the leftover remnants of your old food. 


Often, this impacts more than just your ice maker—it could also affect the water in the rest of the home, so be sure to inspect before you call an appliance repair person. 

Hire the Right Appliance Repair


When you need reliable appliance repair in Winnipeg, Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair is prepared and ready to help you. We can manage any issues you may be facing with your ice maker so that you can return to enjoying an ice-cold beverage without the funny taste!