Shopping for a Washing Machine? Here’s a Quick Guide

Coming third after toilet cleaning and doing dishes, doing laundry is one of those chores that most people love to hate. If Alva J. Fisher was alive, the brains behind the electric washer, even I would thank him. When purchasing a washing machine, there’s more beyond just looking at convenience. Washing machines are of different brands, types, sizes and features . eventually affects pricing. And since no household is the same, when purchasing your appliance, you need to be on the lookout for particular features that fit your unique needs.  This guide will help.

Front Load Versus Top Load

Front load washing machines load from the front as the name suggests. This type yields better laundry results compared to the top load counterparts. Front load washers are also gentler on fabrics, use the least water and have shorter dryer times which lowers energy consumption.  Their downside, however, is that their wash time can be a bit longer when compared to the other type. If your flooring is not concrete, you might experience vibrations on the floor but this is something you can live with.

Top loaders are usually the least expensive option and the most ideal choice for people with limited space. This type has shorter cycle times and does an excellent job cleaning lightly soiled laundry. If you have heavily stained laundry, you’ll achieve better results if you pre-treat your clothes.  

Fully Automatic Versus Semi-automatic

Semi-automatic washing machines are cheaper than fully automatic ones. As the name suggests, semi-automatic washers will require some manual effort. Unlike automatic washing, which at the touch of a button does everything, with semi-automatic machines, you will need to add water to the tub before starting the laundry and drain it once the cycle is complete. You may also need to transfer your clothes from one tub to the other in the washing process. Because you have to add water in the tub, semi-automatic washers can help you save on water. Plus, they also don’t need a permanent water connection. Semi-automatic washing machines are often top loading and much cheaper than their counterparts. They are however bigger than automatic ones hence require more space. If you’re willing to spend more, a fully automatic washing machine does everything for you. A fully automatic washer can either be top loading or front loading.

Material of the Drum or Tub

You should also consider the material of the drum or tub. The most common materials used for the tub are porcelain-enamel, plastic, and stainless steel. Plastic and enamel materials are cheaper in comparison to stainless steel.  However, stainless steel is the most durable since it can withstand high spin speeds. Between plastic and enamel, plastic is more durable. So, the choice to go with either all narrows down to how long you want your washing machine to serve your household.

This article covers most of the features that cut across washing machines. However, there are many other features to consider before settling for a washing machine. For instance, you may want a quieter model that doesn’t disrupt your daily life, especially if your house is small. You will also want to consider other features such as color of the appliance and the washer settings. Basically, just make sure you keenly go through the manufacturers guide so you understand the appliance’s features.

One last thing, if you want  your appliance at optimal performance, set aside a budget for regular outstanding appliance repair service and maintenance from LocksmithMAN well-trained technicians.