Tips to Increase Your Washer’s Efficiency

The average family of four completes about eight loads of laundry each week. This one chore can take hours out of your day, not to mention how much it could be costing you in wear on the machine. Try to avoid the daily wear and tear on your washing machine by boosting your overall laundry efficiency. With just a few professional tips and tricks, you could cut back on the amount of time you spend doing laundry and the wear on your washer.

Are you ready to increase your washer’s efficiency? Here are some of our best tips for helping you take better care of your appliance.

Level your washing machine

This won’t help you to complete more laundry in record time, but it does help you to do it quietly. Your washer won’t be able to perform its work as efficiently if it rocks back and forth during a wash cycle. Not only that, but it creates quite a ruckus that can prevent you from wanting to do your laundry. Enlist the help of a professional to get your washing machine leveled in your laundry room.

Don’t overload the machine

It’s tempting to put as many clothes as possible into the drum of your washing machine. However, it can’t spin and actually clean all of the items you add if there are simply too many. Experts recommend doing several smaller loads instead of one large one. As an added bonus, smaller loads usually take less time to finish.

Use cold water instead

Research shows that using cold water doesn’t lessen the efficacy of your detergent. It also allows your brightly colored clothes to remain bright, reduces wrinkles, and doesn’t set in stains. Washing your clothing in cold water is less harsh on the mechanisms of your washing machine and better for your energy consumption. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation?

Increase the spin speed

If your washing machine allows it, try to change the spin speed up to the next highest setting. This helps to pull more water from your clothes before you place them in the dryer. While this doesn’t help your washing machine directly, it can help your dryer by significantly lowering dry times. Untangle the clothes and shake them just a little bit before you put them in the dryer.

Regularly clean the washer

Taking care of your appliances is very important, but few homeowners remember to clean their washing machine. You can purchase a store-bought cleaner or run a cycle with two cups of distilled white vinegar. Wipe down the parts you can see such as the rim of the drum. This can help to prevent unwanted buildup and residue on the inside of the machine.

No matter how much you try to preserve your washer, it is bound to encounter a need for repair sometime. Make sure to hire high-quality appliance repair with Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair. We can give you great same-day service so that you can get back to doing more laundry!