Tips to Use Your Oven More Efficiently

Everyone wants to save a few dollars on their monthly bills, but very few people think about how much their appliances are costing them. According to research, running your stove and oven for just thirty minutes per day could be costing you roughly $10 each month. Most people turn their ovens on for longer periods of time than this though. Without thinking about the efficient way to do things, you can really rack up a major electric bill.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to use your oven more efficiently. Each of these can help reduce the amount of time it takes you to prepare meals and lower the cost of your electric bill each month. Take a look to see which of these tips you can use in your kitchen!

Keep the oven door closed

Are you always tempted to open the oven door in order to check on your meal? You are better off trusting in the recipe or taking a glimpse through the door. Each time you open the oven door, you let more heat escape that has to be replaced. The oven will use more energy to replace the lost heat, causing your electric bill to soar. You can save money and help your oven not to work as hard by leaving the door shut.

Cook multiple dishes all at the same time

Save time and money by cooking all of your dishes at once. Squeeze in as many other casseroles and side items as possible to prevent wasting space when you turn the oven on. You may have to rotate them as they cook to ensure that everything heats through evenly. This is especially crucial during busy cooking seasons like Thanksgiving. You could even cook the following night’s dinner at the same time to save energy!

Turn the oven off early

When you turn the oven off, it doesn’t instantly cool down inside. It takes quite a while for all of the residual heat to subside. Turning the oven off a few minutes before your meal is finished cooking is a great way to take advantage of this leftover heat. You can stop running the oven while still allowing your food to cook.

Use other appliances when possible

Your oven isn’t always the appliance that you need. Most people could use a much smaller item in order to cook their meals. In particular, a lot of families enjoy using a slow cooker that prepares the meal for them while they are at work. Take the time to consider whether a smaller appliance might be better suited to what you’re cooking before you turn on the oven. Smaller appliances use less electricity and aren’t likely to put off as much heat as your oven.

Learning to use your oven more efficiently can help to prevent wear and tear on your appliance. However, everyone will eventually experience a breakdown with their hardest-working kitchen appliances. You will need the best appliance repair, so give Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair a call today!