What to Do for a Leaking Washer

Did you know that the average family does somewhere between eight and ten loads of laundry every week? That adds up to a lot of time spent working in the laundry room. Most people don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about their washing machine until it presents a problem. They want to finish their laundry, but they suddenly have water leaking out of the washing machine that is preventing them from doing it.

What can you do for a leaking washer? Here are a few steps for handy homeowners to follow if you’re ever in a bind.

Find out where the water is coming from

Fixing a washing machine is tricky because the water could be coming from any number of locations. It could be related to the pump, the hose connectors, the inlet connections, the air dome seal, the center post gasket, or the outer tub seal. All of these pieces are responsible for helping to keep the water inside of your washing machine. Determining which piece is causing the trouble is going to be the key to successfully repairing the leaking washer.

Make note of where the water is coming from, and then compare the location to the diagram in your manufacturer’s handbook. This can give you a better idea of whether it will be a repair you can handle on your own.

Remove everything from the washing machine

Your clothes probably aren’t clean, but you can’t do much about it until the leak is repaired. Go ahead and take all of your clothes or linens out of the washing machine. You can take them to a friend’s house to finish or the local laundromat if you are concerned about them. Once it’s empty, you can run another rinse cycle so you can more clearly identify where the water is coming from.

Check the supply hoses

If you notice that the water is mainly coming from the supply hoses, this is a relatively easy thing to correct. Turn off the water at the main shutoff valve and remove the old supply hoses. You will need to install new gaskets in these hoses or place new hoses altogether.

Open the cabinet of the washing machine

Once you have the washing machine pulled out from the wall, you can go ahead and open up the cabinet. This gives you a clearer look at everything that happens to be going on inside your washing machine. While you can definitely see what is going on, it is advised that you only take a look instead of tampering with anything inside the washing machine. You can use this to give information to a repair technician when you call to schedule a service.

When your washer is leaking and you can’t finish the laundry, it’s time to give MQ Appliance Services a call. We can help you to get your laundry running smoothly again with same-day repairs. Call us now to make your appointment quickly!