What You Should Know About Appliance’s Maintenance

Taking care of your appliances is essential to protecting your investment in their purchase. After all, you want them to run smoothly for years to come. All appliances should have a long lifespan of ten years or more! Many homeowners have a difficult time knowing just what they should do to keep their appliances in tip-top shape for the years ahead. Should they clean them once a month or leave them be until something happens? All of this confusion often means that appliances wind up neglected because homeowners are too overwhelmed.

We think that you should be able to maintain your appliances with greater ease. That’s why we put together this list of expert tips and things you need to know about your appliance’s maintenance. Help your appliances to last longer with a few of these professional suggestions.

Cleaning the outside of the refrigerator matters

Taking care of the inside of your refrigerator might seem more manageable, and it is important to keep the smell under control. Unfortunately, most people forget that cleaning their condenser coils is an important task that needs to be taken care of at least once per year. Vacuum or dust them off depending on whether they are behind the fridge or underneath it. This is going to be one easy way to ensure that your refrigerator lasts longer.

Thoroughly clean the inside of your microwave

Do you believe those stains are simply stuck to the inside of your microwave? You can actually loosen up those food particles that splattered with a little steam. Place a bowl filled with half water and half vinegar into the microwave for two to three minutes. Toss in a few slices of lemon if you have them. After letting the steam sit for just a few minutes, you should be able to clean those food particles off the vents in no time at all.

Clean inside the oven

Most people take the easy way out by using their oven’s self-cleaning function. While it can be convenient to do this sometimes, it doesn’t always clean the oven as thoroughly as it should. Be sure to take time to clean up the spills and take care of the vents inside your oven as well. You should always remember that prevention is better than scrubbing it clean though. Use drip pans to help catch spills before they ever happen, allowing you to avoid cleaning your oven as regularly.

Make sure to clean your dishwasher

Do you feel like your dishwasher gets clean every time you run a cycle? It’s a better idea to make sure that the dishwasher gets a little attention all by itself. Run a full cycle with just a cup of distilled white vinegar when there are no dishes. This refreshes your dishwasher and eliminates any odor inside.
Maintaining your appliances is going to be a key way to help you avoid repairs or replacements for your must-have machines. These steps don’t have to be difficult, but you do need to keep up with them regularly. When you find that your appliances need some work, be sure to hire a Winnipeg appliance repair company. At Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair, we can even offer you same day service!