Why Are My Clothes Still Wet After Running The Dryer?



Few experiences are more frustrating than opening your dryer expecting the delightful warmth of a soft, fresh pile of dry and fluffy laundry…


…only to find a musty smell and cold, damp clothing items flattened against each other in a sad little heap at the bottom of the dryer.  




Aside from the immediate disappointment of not being able to wear your favourite outfit or put the sheets back on the guest bed, you’ll also be wanting to know what’s wrong with your dryer and how to make sure this scenario doesn’t repeat itself.  After all, that’s the whole point of owning a dryer in the first place!


Some, but not all, of the reasons behind a dryer that won’t dry properly require expert intervention.  Before you call for Winnipeg appliance repair services, check out these quick fixes first:


Back to Basics


Before anything else, be sure that your dryer is properly plugged in and that it is a few inches away from the wall to provide adequate ventilation.  Also, ensure that you’re not overloading your dryer with massive laundry loads.  And double-check that no one has changed your usual settings.  


It’s always worth double-checking the basics before proceeding further.


Lint Overload


The main reasons why a dryer won’t dry are usually because:


1) The air drawn in isn’t being properly heated, or 


2) Moisture can’t escape  


Both problems can be caused by a lint clog or blockage.  


Lint is that grey stuff (tiny particles of fabric all stuck together) that builds up on your dryer’s filter.  In addition to clearing the filter after every load, you should also check for lint build-up in your dryer’s venting.  


In addition, double-check for other obstructions, such as bird nests or outdoor debris.  Clogged dryer vents are a top cause of household fires and should be cleared annually, even if your dryer is not experiencing issues.  


Thermal Fuse


If you’ve cleared your dryer’s filter and venting system and your clothes are still coming out damp, you may have a blown thermal fuse.  This could have occurred due to overheating from a previous blockage (or another cause) and would mean that your dryer no longer has the capacity to heat up.  


Thermal fuses cannot be repaired.  If this is your issue, you’ll have to replace the fuse.  The good news is that they’re readily available and quick to install!


Faulty Heating Element


If the fuse looks good, the next wet laundry culprit is a faulty heating element.  This is the coil that actually heats up to provide the warmth that dries your clothes.  If you’re feeling brave, you can test the coil for continuity with a multimeter.  


You might also consider the possibility of a faulty thermostat–which would falsely tell your dryer that the temperature is higher than it really is.  


Winnipeg Dryer Experts


If you’ve troubleshot to the best of your ability and still can’t seem to pinpoint the cause of your continually bedraggled laundry loads, it’s probably time to have an expert take a look.  


The technicians from Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair are prompt, qualified, and service-oriented.  Give us a call today!