Why Is My Refrigerator Freezing Up?

If the lettuce is crisp with frost or the milk has gone bad, the temperature has gone rogue inside your fridge. Modifying the temperature of a large appliance which usually runs along just fine most days is a pretty simple endeavor. Before you take a wild guess as to what might be wrong, take some time to troubleshoot why the fridge is making the compartment either too cold or too hot for the products inside to be safely stored.

The fridge easily is one of the most critical appliances in your house. Making sure it keeps operating smoothly is essential to keeping food inside your house fresh.

Below are some common problems you might run into with your fridge and the easy fixes you ought to try before you hire a professional.

Why Refrigerators Run Rogue

As a fridge is not working properly, it may not be the refrigerator’s fault that it cannot meet its complete potential. Debris and dust may clog the back of your appliance, making the unit run harder than it has to. Pull your fridge from its nook in order for you to easily have access to the back of the unit. If grease or dust buildup is obvious, take a damp rag and then wipe the vents and noticeable lines free from grime. As it’s dry, vacuum the compressor and coils hidden under the refrigerator. With a screwdriver, remove all panels. If there are a lot of little parts, label them when you remove them. It’ll help to get your fridge back in one piece as fast as possible.

Look at the Temperature

It might seem to run cold or hot; however, how will you know for certain that your appliance is not properly functioning? The unit should operate between a cool 35℉ – 40℉. A freezer operates at its best from 0° to 5℉. It’s possible to locate the temp control at the top and front of both the fridge and freezer. If the control is not visible, search for the control panel and be on the lookout for the sensor bulb. Unplug the unit and mark all wires which go into the control switch. Carefully take off the switch and tube then replace the parts with the right parts from the manufacturer.

More Troubleshooting Tips

If the tube and switch are okay, and the controls inside the fridge are properly set to provide you the ideal temperature to keep food safe, it might be the gasket if the unit still is running too cold or too hot. Look at the sealant around the door(s). If you own a double-sided fridge that has a freezer on one part and the refrigerator on the other side, both sealants must operate well for the side-by-side unit to work properly. Check that there’s nothing stopping the door from shutting at the top of the unit or inside the door compartments.

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