How Do Animals Get Inside Household Appliances?


Is there anything more alarming than trying to dry a load of clothes and having a mouse pop out of your machine? For many homeowners, it’s simply a fact of life that they’ll eventually find an animal inside their household appliances. The important thing is to know how they got there and what you can do to prevent them from doing so in the future. 


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Vents Without Covers

One of the easiest ways for animals to dive into your home is through dryer vents. When you run your dryer, it puts off warm air through the vent, which feels nice and cozy for rodents. Not to mention, it provides a great source of shelter for these little creatures. You may even find that they like your dryer vents so much that they build a nest in there! 


Annual inspections can limit a rodent infestation, but you can also install a dryer vent cover. 


Gaps in the Appliance

You know that some small animals are fairly tiny, but most homeowners don’t realize just how small areas can be for a rodent to find its way in. Even a medium-sized rat can squeeze through a hole that’s just a few centimetres in diametre. Mice need an even smaller opening! 


If you notice a gap in the potential access points to the appliances (such as vents, pipes, wiring, and holes), you’ll need to block them. Alternatively, you can hide wires and cables which can occasionally warm up and beckon small animals to build a home around them. Consider working with an electrician to consolidate your cords and make them less appealing to rodents. 


Chewing Holes

Even if there are no holes in your pipes or wires now, that isn’t to say that an animal may not decide to make one. You should always take excellent care of your wires, pipes, and other access points. Damage to these areas often invites critters to make a home. At the same time, these holes are often created by animals as well. 


Homeowners who discover that they have holes in their pipes or wires need appliance repair as soon as possible. It can be extremely dangerous to operate appliances without proper safety in place. Not to mention, this can kill the animals who make a home which can lead to serious odour problems. You’ll need to get an exterminator in addition to appliance repair. 


Getting Your Appliances Repaired

There’s no doubt that small animals can do some serious damage to your appliances, even if they happen to be brand new. After you eliminate the small animal problem, you can turn your focus to getting your appliances in better shape moving forward. Appliance repair in Winnipeg is easy with the professionals at Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you manage your home appliance repair needs!