Smart Stoves: What do They offer and Why Should You care?

Every year, some of the most prominent technology companies tease their groundbreaking developments at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Many home appliance companies have jumped the curb and are dipping their toes into the technological waters of our time. Renowned names such as Whirlpool, LG, Gourmia, Samsung and GE appliances now provide smart appliances that guarantee efficiency in your home. Are you curious about what smart stoves have to offer? This piece is just for you. We cover everything from what they are to why you should care about their special features, such as scheduling Winnipeg stove repair appointment for you.

What are smart stoves?

Smart stoves are a new age of electric stoves whose main functions are integrated together to offer improved functionality. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is installed directly into the smart stove, allowing you to control most if not all of its features through a companion app on your phone. Others come fully compatible with smart home devices including Google Home and Amazon Echo. The connectivity also allows you to connect the stove to other compatible smart appliances in your home.

Smart stove features you should care about

Smart stoves allow you to monitor the stove’s temperature right from your smart device. Even if you’re in a different room inside the house, you can adjust the stove’s temperature through the companion app or with voice command through your assistant app. Google Assistant, Alexa by Amazon and Bixby by Samsung are some of the compatible personal assistants. Additionally, smart stoves come with different cooking modes such as broiling, defrosting, roasting or baking.

With smart stoves, you are also able to monitor how long the food has been cooking and how much longer it will take. Soon as the pre-set time elapses, the companion app alerts you through a persistent notification. Those connected to a home device announce the elapsed time for you.

Smart stoves also come with a number of safety features. For instance, when the timer counts down to zero, the stove asks you to set a new countdown or to turn off the heat. The smart stove automatically shuts down the specific utility in use to prevent the food from burning or worse, to prevent a fire outbreak. Additionally, the smart stove recommends scheduling a maintenance appointment in case of a malfunction. This lets you get ahead of any damage to the stove before it becomes catastrophic.

Some smart stoves can even teach you to cook entirely new dishes right from scratch. A smart device displays the recipe to use while the integrated sensors in your smart stove guide you throughout the cooking. It has sensors to detect how much ingredients are enough; how much time should lapse before you add the next ingredient as well as the adjusting the heat level during different cooking stages. Others even offer the option to adjust the number of servings to your preference and guides you in adjusting the number of ingredients as well.

The doors to the future were opened with the coming of the internet, and it followed us right into our kitchens. As innovation continues, we are promised of even more useful features from smart stoves. Consider investing in one to enjoy convenience the smart way!