Tips to Increase Your Washer’s Efficiency

Did you ever wonder why washers never operate as well or last as long as expected?

You always could blame the sales clerk or manufacturer for having oversold you on its features.  The fact is taking some precautions as you use the washing machine really could save you a lot of time, not to mention valuable money spent on costly repairs.

Level your washing machine

Install your washer at a stable level. An unbalanced washer may create a lot of rumble when spinning. Putting in noise-reducing pads underneath the washer will decrease the sound, as well as the wear and tear of the machine when in use.

Do not use hot water

Use cold or warm water for the rinse cycle and wash cycle. Studies have proven that the majority of detergents work well with water that’s slightly warm than hot. For clothing that has tough stains, pre-soaking inside hot water before you wash may be more efficient than a hot water machine wash.

Utilize the right quantity and kind of detergent

Check the instructional manual on the suggested amount of detergent for a variety of levels of laundry. In addition, check for details on detergents you should avoid. For instance, detergent that has excessive suds is going to decrease the washing performance inside a front-loading appliance. Too much detergent is going to leave a residue and is hard on the appliance. Pods will make it easy, yet if you are using liquid, you should measure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t overload clothes

One massive load certainly is more efficient than multiple smaller loads, then again do not overload your washer. An overabundance of clothes may cause your appliance to break-down. An overloaded washer won’t efficiently spin and is going to use up more energy.

Routine cleaning

Regularly clean your washing machine to avoid odor buildup and detergent residue inside the washing drum. Running an empty cycle using lime-scale remover or two cups of white vinegar usually helps. Clean your detergent dispenser and top rim of the wash bucket. Utilize an appliance washer upon the exterior surface in order to keep the washer appearing like new.

Routine maintenance

Keep a close eye out for any indications of damage in the electrical wiring or water supply hoses of the washer.  As a precaution you should change the machines water hoses one time every five years even if there aren’t any major indications of deterioration. But, if there’s a major problem inside the machine, do not try to repair the machine on your own. Contact an appliance repair specialist. One important aspect of maintaining a washer is ensuring that you have an extended warranty that covers costs in the instance of major repairs.

Follow these easy guidelines for getting optimal mileage from your present appliance. The next time you purchase a washing machine, keep in mind that in the long-term it is worth spending extra money on an energy-efficient washing machine.

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