Pros & Cons Of A Refrigerator Water Dispenser

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Fridge features – There are so many of them nowadays!  With options for Wi-Fi connection, separate temperature regulation zones, built-in wine coolers, fresh herb compartments, and more, there’s a lot to take into consideration when researching the purchase of a new refrigerator.


One feature that has become pretty standard in Canadian homes is the water dispenser.  Interior, exterior, cold, or cold and hot, roughly half of the fridges sold these days include a water dispenser.  Everyone enjoys a chilled glass of water available at their fingertips.  But are fridge water dispensers really all they’re cracked up to be?  Let’s take a look.


Three Reasons a Fridge Water Dispenser Is Totally Worth It

  • ConvenienceIt’s not like getting water from the sink is that much of a hassle, but staying hydrated is even easier when filtered, chilled water pours out with only the use of one hand.  In the mood for ice?  No mess, no problem.  Someone’s washing dishes?  Fill the water pitcher for supper at the fridge dispenser instead.  There’s no doubt a fridge water dispenser makes life easier.

  • Better Quality Fridges these days are equipped with filtration systems.  This means that the water coming from your fridge is healthier and has fewer chemicals in it than the water that comes from your sink.

  • Increased Value – A fridge with extra features may be attractive to potential renters or buyers, so if your home is on the market it may be worth investing in a fridge with a water dispenser.


Two Major Drawbacks To Consider

  • Higher CostsA fridge with a water dispenser will hit your pocketbook harder in several ways.  First of all, you’ll invest more in your fridge from the get-go.  On average, the water dispenser feature increases the price of buying a new fridge by roughly a couple hundred dollars.  Next, you’ll need to pay for extra electricity to run the dispenser as well as annual maintenance costs like buying replacement filters.  A fridge with an extra feature is more likely to need repairs and sometimes, fixing the dispenser can involve unanticipated inconveniences like having to thaw your whole fridge to unblock the water transportation pipe.  There’s no doubt that a basic fridge without a filter is your more economical option.

  • Less Storage SpaceIf you’re one of those people who love to head to Costco, stock up your fridge as full as possible, and then avoid grocery shopping for a while, it may be worth noting that a water dispenser does take away some storage real estate from your refrigerator.  


So Should I Get a Fridge Dispenser?

In the end, the decision is yours.  But one thing is for sure.  If you are looking for fridge repair in Winnipeg, Mike’s Quality Appliance Repair is a local, customer-oriented company that can help you with your water dispenser, fridge installation, or any other issues you may come across with your household appliances.  Book an appointment today!