Basics About Water Heaters

If you are living in a modern house, high chances are that you use a heater to meet your hot water household needs. But, how well do you know your water heater? How do you ensure that it functions with maximum efficiency? What types of water heaters are there? What are their merits and demerits?  Knowing your appliance’s basics will help you know when to schedule appliance repair service for increased longevity and functionality.

When sourcing for a water heater, these are the main factors to consider:

Domestic hot-water use capacity: On average, a family of four will use up to 400 gallons of water each day for domestic activities such as dishwashing, showering, laundry and general cleaning. Hot water will consume more than half of that amount. So, the amount of hot water required will depend on family

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Dryer Fires and Preventative Measures

Dryer fires are one of the most overlooked fire hazards in households. Proper Installation by a licensed technician is the first step to making sure you don’t fall victim of appliance fires. This is because technicians who have some years of experience are familiar with the majority of manufacturer's instructions. So the installation process for them will be seamless. If not Installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, a dryer is at risk of catching fire. All connections for electrical power, gas supply, and grounding must comply with local codes.


Another top cause of dryer fires is lint buildup. Although most people are unaware of this fact, lint is the most flammable items in the house. Lint is the visible accumulations of textile fibers on the lint screen of a clothes dryer. As clothes tumble

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Wood Burning Stoves Make a Comeback

There's an ancient saying that wood warms you twice: when burning it, and when chopping it.

Perhaps, it’s old ancient saying that has made wood burning stoves gain popularity in the modern world. The wood burning stove was an invention of Europe in the 16th century. But it was not until 200 years later (industrial revolution period), that they became common. Because of wood shortage in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin, in the 1740s, sought to improve upon the open hearth. His invention was aptly named as the ‟Franklin stove.” It was a three-sided iron box that used only one-quarter as much fuel as did a fireplace.

First forward to today, and the wood-burning stoves have seen something of a renaissance. Modern homeowners looking for eco-friendly appliances are settling for wood burning stoves.  What’s making wood burning stoves even more popular is

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The Most Power-Hungry Home Appliances

Home appliances were made to make our lives easier. If you have a considerable number of them, it’s imminent that the figure on your power bill will rise. Good thing is, the battle to reduce your home’s electricity usage can be won through taking some simple measures. One of those is by scheduling appliance repair service regularly so that all the home appliances are in proper conditions. Frayed wiring in appliances has been known to cause electrical leakage and increase electricity bills as a result. In general, when parts of most home appliances break down, they cause the appliance to overwork resulting in increased electricity consumption. Of course, switching off appliances when not in use and upgrading from older to newer models that consume less energy are other ways to reduce electricity bills. However, the war is not won until you know which home appliances consume the

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The Fridge that Died too Young

A week ago, Megan got home from a week’s travel and she needed to reawaken some taste buds with a couple of radishes from her refrigerator. While at it, she noticed that her self-cleaning, remote controlled fridge that she just bought not so long ago was sweating like a mofo. The gasket had drops of water. She also noticed that this 3-years convenience appliance was shrieking like tormented spirits; the sound wasn’t the normal tic-tac sounds fridge produce when in operation. But Megan just wanted to eat, so she ignored the sounds and reached for the fridge door. On swinging it open, what hit her was a stench of spoiled food, and there’s nothing worse than food gone in the fridge because even after you remove it, the smell lingers. Anyway, making this long story short, Megan called her

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Powder, Gel, or Tabs: Which Dishwasher Detergent Cleans Best?

If you keep finding food stains and streaks of dirty water after a dishwasher session, the problem is your dishwasher detergent. Dishwasher detergents can come in gel, tabs or powder. If you find yourself frozen in your local store aisle trying to figure out the difference between ultra, super-ultra, and ultra-variations, you’ll be forgiven. The choice to pick either causes a lot of angst among users. The embrace of gels came about when consumers decided that powder didn’t dissolve properly. However, since the introduction of tabs in the mid-1990's, consumers have been on a steady march away from powdered detergents but guess what! Many have retained their love affair with gel dishwasher detergents. The truth, however, is that all these options have their pros and cons.

So long as you don’t mind paying the

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Dish washers need cleaning too!!

That glorious machine in your kitchen that saves you the hassle of having to deal with high piles of dirty dishes, does in fact need to be cleaned itself. With continued use, grease, food debris, and soap scum accumulate in dishwashers causing a build-up of germs, appliance inefficiency, and funky odors. Your go-to cleaning machine needs you to return the favor by giving it a thorough cleaning. To have your dishwasher run in tip-top condition here is the right way to clean it.

You’d be surprised what Winnipeg washer repair pros find in dishwasher drains: from glass shards to small pieces of gravel, bones, crab shells and more! These pieces are what causes blocked drainage, reduced efficiency, scratches to the dishes, and damage to

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Dishwasher Cycle Definitions

Ever found yourself staring at your dishwasher control panel feeling so confused on which option to use. If you don’t understand some of the cycles on your dishwasher, two things may be of help; one is perusing through your manual, and the other is going to the manufacturer's website to find a pdf copy. Unfortunately, if you’ve lost your hard copy manual and your dishwasher is more than a few years old, you’re out of luck. This article enlists the most common cycles and their intended use. Auto wash cycle:  This cycle goes by many names. Some dishwashers call it ProWash, others SmartWash, while others call it Sensor. Whatever the name, they all mean the same thing. The Autocycle automatically detects whether your dishes are lightly or heavily soiled then adjusts the heat and cycle duration to get them clean. This cycle

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Do Microwaves Ovens Zap Food Nutrients?

The microwave was discovered through a 1946 accidental invention when Percy Spencer, an engineer, was testing an electric whistle that produces vibrating electromagnetic waves. While he was at it, he noticed that a peanut butter cluster bar that was in his pocket had melted. To confirm his curiosity, Spencer conducted two tests; one with kernel popcorn and another with an egg and they both confirmed the ability of electromagnetic waves to heat. This is how one of the kitchens most used appliance was born. Lately though, there has been unending debates on whether this convenience appliance depletes food off its nutrients. You most likely have come across that person who won’t purchase a microwave oven for this fear. But, does a microwave actually degrade your food? This article will clear your lingering doubts. Truth is, cooking food is necessary 

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Home Appliances We can’t live without

A typical day in a modern-day person is not without the help of appliances. Think about this; it’s chilly in the morning, you wake up and the first thing you do is turn your heater on, you then go to the fridge and grab some milk, then head for the kitchen stove to warm it. Breakfast is over, you now want to take a hot shower, you click the water heater on…done with the shower and your clothes are all clean and fresh from the laundry machine. Imagine a day without these appliances! Despite the uncertainties and challenges of modern day living, appliances undoubtedly add some small delights in our lives with their conveniences. Which is why, when your appliance breaks down, and at one time or another it will, you must get the best appliance repair service from

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